Raped by three women

Hi friends, I am Raja, I am 25 Year old, 5’ 11” in height, I am Handsome and I live in Gurgaon, Place close to Delhi in India. Today I am going to narrate my story of getting raped by three fantastic women whom I have fucked in my life. It was not a rape in true criminal law sense but it all happened and I was not the incharge of the situation, the acts and the scene was controlled by these three women. Well here goes the incident:

Alka and Rani were my superiors in our Advertising Agency at Delhi and once we went to a local gathering in a Delhi Bar which also had a Disco. We three, Alka, Rani and me were dancing after having couple of drinks when, after a while another woman joined us. “Mumtaz!” shouted Rani. Oh my God!” shouted Alka. They immediately hugged the new woman and invited her to dance with us. She readily agreed. I smiled and waved hello. She smiled and winked back. She was an older woman, perhaps in her early or mid forties. It was hard to tell though because she still had the body and the moves of a twenty five year old. I thought she just might rival my co-workers for raw sexual power. My erection now had a third object to focus on. I thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet then.

The four of us danced for an hour before the women decided that they were just too thirsty to continue. They all headed off the floor and to a luxurious table all by itself. A little brass plaque on the edge of the booth read, OWNER. So that’s who this must be, thought I. Rani noticed I reading the sign. “Oh, we haven’t properly introduced you yet. I, this is Mumtaz. She’s the owner.” “Pleased to meet you.” I greeted Mumtaz and offered a hand. Mumtaz smiled and replied, “The pleasure is all mine.” She extended her hand in return and I squeezed it. Now that we were off the dance floor I saw just how sexy she was. Where Alka and Rani had youth and bulging sex appeal, Mumtaz had elegance and a sultry feel. Her own short dress was tight, revealing a body untouched by time. “You two stay here and get acquainted. We’ll get the drinks.” Rani and Alka took off for the bar. I and Mumtaz appraised one another. Mumtaz had been quick to notice my attention for her. My youth and evident possibilities excited her. She was on the prowl. “I’ve never seen you here before. How do you know the girls?” asked Mumtaz. “Oh, we work together. Same office in a Ad Agency. They’re actually my bosses.” Replied I. “Really, what an interesting position. It can’t be all bad being under those two.” The way Mumtaz said under caused a shiver in me. Erotic imagery had been playing in my mind the minute I got here this evening. “Yeah, its not too bad.” They sat in silence for a moment. Then I felt her foot on my shin, sliding slowly up to my inner thigh and to my crotch. Her bare toes massaged my hard shaft, making it like diamond. Mumtaz’s eyes widened and her smile was radiant as she realized just how well endowed was this young man. Her pussy was getting so hot it was sucking her g-string into the wet hole and pulsing with anticipation. “My, you’re quite a big boy, aren’t you?” she said, with no hidden meaning. “Um, thanks.” “How big?” I was little stunned. “How big,” she said slowly once again, sliding around the table to come up right next to me, sliding a hand up my leg and to my crotch, “is your cock.” I was ready to cum the instant her hand landed on my stiff member.

I wanted to whip it out right there and show her just how big it was, then bend her over the table and do her in front of the whole club, making her scream for more, making her howl with the orgasm of a lifetime. Instead I blinked, recovered my senses and said, “Twelve.” “Inches!” she breathed with a gasp. “Oh my.” Her excitement was obvious. Just then Alka and Rani returned. “Well girls, what say we get away for a little while. Some place a little quieter.” suggested Mumtaz. The other two smiled and nodded.. Then the three women led the way to a side hall that I hadn’t noticed before. It was one of several and each was filled with doors. They entered one and closed the door behind them. It was a small room. The floor was covered in pillows, and seemed to be made out of some kind of soft matting. There were rows of benches on the sides, shackles hanging in places, whips, chains, an assortment of toys, and suddenly I was delighted. “This …” I tried to say. “Is where we all fuk our brains out.” stated Rani. “I want him first.” said Mumtaz. There was no question in her statement. She grasped my shaft through my pants and pushed me further into the room. Stumbling backwards I tripped over a cushion and landed softly on my back.

“Undress.” Mumtaz ordered me. My fingers stumbled and flew to my shoes, throwing them to a corner of the room. My pants and shirt followed soon after. When I pulled down my underwear, the three women gasped. “Oh, my god, he’s huge!” said Rani. “He’s even bigger than Bull. Oh my god I can’t wait to shove that all inside me. I’m going to split myself in half.” Alka moaned excitedly. “Me first.” Mumtaz straddled my laying form. Standing over me she ordered, “Take of my panties. With your teeth.” she modified as I reached up. I slid her dress up to her hips with my hands, revealing Mumtaz’s firm butt and the blue g-string soaked through with her juice. I put my face between her legs and licked at her pussy. I tried several times to get under the material so I could grasp it with my teeth. Mumtaz closed her eyes at the touch and clenched her fists. She was close to cumming. I pulled the panties to her knees and she stepped out of the them. Reaching behind her back she pulled a couple of strings and her dress melted to the floor. Her elegant body as naked before me. Her beauty was stunning. Her juices were heavily wetting her engorged pussy lips. Mumtaz slowly knelt on either side of my face. I could only stare at the pulsating cunt inches from my eyes. “Eat me. Eat me until I cum, then eat me again and again. Don’t stop until I tell you that you can stop.” There was a firmness in her voice that couldn’t be denied. Mumtaz lowered her pussy to my lips and I went at them hungrily. Mumtaz moaned without control. As the young man’s tongue delved into her, splitting her pussy with a soft persistent pressure, she came immediately. I lapped it and licked it al up and went for more. I sucked and nibbled her oversensitive clit that so soon after a climax, she was there again. My hands went up and swirled over her breasts, caressing, tugging the nipples, pinching and teasing, sending shocks of passion into Mumtaz. She lost control, her legs weak from the rapid fire orgasms, I had to hold her by the ass to keep from suffocating. Alka and Rani couldn’t stand by idly. They each were quickly sitting on the benches, hands at their cunts, furiously rubbing their own clits at the scene in front of them. Mumtaz delighted at I squeezing her ass hard, nails digging into her. She had to put her hands on the floor to keep upright. When her third orgasm coursed through her veins she howled, then rolled off my face.

She sat there panting, eyes closed. “My god, I needed that.” she said. “One of you girls can take him first I guess. I need to catch my breath.” “Me!” shouted Alka. She leapt from her seat to my side. Pulling me to my feet, she grabbed my cock and massaged it with her hand. “Ooo I so have to feel this inside my cunt. Raja, fuk me from behind. I want you to slid that entire thing up my pussy. Don’t stop until you feel your balls slapping my flesh. All of it, you understand. I don’t want to miss a single bit of your glorious cock.” I nodded. Then Alka turned and bent over the bench in the center of the room. She hadn’t removed her dress so I lid it up a few inches until Alka’s ass was bare. I spread her legs and marvelled at the size and firmness or her ass. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and massaged them, groped them. My right hand slid under her and cupped her cunt. It was wet and open, ready for me.. I scooped two fingers in the hole and massaged the inside of her pussy. Then I used the juice on my hand to lube my cock. Placing the head at the entrance of her sweet hole, I pushed. Slowly, because I didn’t want to hurt her. She grunted as the first third went in. “It’s so big. I feel soooo good!” she moaned. I pushed farther. Soon I was two thirds in. I could feel her vagina maxing out. This was as far as any had gone before. “More, damn you.. Don’t stop.” I pushed, grabbing her hips for leverage and thrusting deep. When I could go no farther I stopped. “It’s huge! The entire inside of my body is filled with his cock! God oh god oh god fuk me Raja, fuk me hard!” Alka screamed. I obliged. I pulled out half way, then pushed in again. It was tough going at first but gradually she opened up for me. I was able to extract all twelve inches, then slam them in again. Soon I was grunting with great effort as I pumped my huge cock into her cunt as hard and fast as I could. I pistoned her pussy so that her orgasm once started never stopped. She was in pure ecstasy, I cum dripping out her pussy, down My cock and of my balls to the floor. Rani had her own little orgasm watching the pair fuk. A small shudder quivered in her pussy as she imagined that cock in her own hole.

After fifteen minutes of hard fucking I couldn’t hold on any more. My pounding grew frantic then quickly they became erratic. Twice more I slammed her pussy then with a moaning growl of my own I threw my cock in her as far as it would go and shot my seed into her. The cum filled her completely, there seemed to be a gallon of it. I held onto Alka for a few minutes until she’d squeezed every last drop into her, then pulled myelf out of her sloppy hole. Alka collapsed to the floor. Her pussy gaped open, unable to close itself yet. White cum pooled in the opening and dribbled to the floor. There was a look of utter peace on her face. Then I found Mumtaz and Rani, both naked now, kneeling at my limp member. The pair began to fondle my cock, caressing and cupping my balls. They licked my shaft, cleaning the cum, mine and Alka’s, off it. They sucked a last couple of drops from the head. Rani savoured the mixture of juices in her mouth. A warm tingling glow spread through my body. I felt suddenly energized. Mumtaz sucked about two thirds of the limp cock in her mouth just as the effect happened. Swiftly the cock hardened and began swelling in her mouth. It was all she could do not to gag on it. She kept as much as she could in her, sucking and tonguing me until I was hard again. Then Rani pulled Mumtaz off, grabbed me and threw me to the ground. “I’m going to do one better. Raja, you’re going to fuk me in the ass. It’s going to be the tightest fuk you’ve ever had.” Said Rani. I couldn’t argue. Lying on my back I watched as she straddled my pelvis. Her beautiful breasts bounced and teased my vision as I watched Mumtaz rub lubricant on my cock. When I was ready, Rani lowered herself until the head of the cock was at her ass hole. “This is going to fuk me so hard ….” said Rani.

She dropped herself onto the shaft abruptly. About four inches impaled her. Rani screamed. Her breath was short and a tear trickled out on eye. It didn’t stop her though. She wiggled and pushed and sat her ass hole further on my cock. I couldn’t believe she was doing it. She was the tightest thing I’d ever felt. I could feel her straining to accommodate my cock, her flesh slowly but surely parting for all twelve inches of cock. It took almost ten minutes but finally Rani made it all the way. I stared as I saw my entire dik penetrate Rani’s tight ass. Mumtaz and Alka each took one of Rani’s arms and steadied her, helping her lift herself up and down the cock. Rani moaned and groaned with pleasure as the shaft impaled her so deeply each time. I grunted as I tried to meet each of her thrusts with one of mine. We sweated and fucked until Rani began to squeal. Her orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt. Alka left Mumtaz to hold Rani and dove in between her partner’s legs. Assuming a sixty nine position with me, Alka began eating Rani’s pussy, licking the cum from the swollen lips. I took the opportunity to then eat Alka. I sucked her unto my mouth, flicking my tongue in her hole. Rani was hard pressed by the attention of Alka and the cock still in her ass and she came a second time, also hard. I couldn’t take it. I could feel her orgasm and I had to have my own. I reached around Alka and grabbed hold of Rani. I fucked her as hard as I could from that position and then came in her ass. She felt the hot liquid sear her insides, it seemed to well up farther inside her. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt. The feel of that ass sliding with great friction up and down my hard cock as I came was fantastic. As I calmed down, Rani lifted up my cock and popped off it.

Then Mumtaz grabbed the shaft and stuck it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. My cock wouldn’t die down. In fact the sensations of Mumtaz’s lips on the head of my dik so soon after Rani’s ass, made me want to cum again right away. In this confusion I tried to hold it but my balls tightened and I spurted cum in Mumtaz’s mouth. I had a multiple orgasm! Mumtaz swallowed and sucked the cock clean, licking a drop from the corner of her mouth. “Wha- wha ….” tried I. Grinned Mumtaz. “You like?” she teased. “Oh yeah.” replied I. In fact, my cock was rapidly recovering from even that episode. It’s like it just wouldn’t finish. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was, pawn of these three ravishing, powerful women, subject to their every desire, and I had the chance to satisfy them all. Perhaps many times. I could feel my balls filling again. This time I wanted Mumtaz.Rest is a history,

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