Saritas Amazing Story

Hello Folks, I am a regular visitor to this wonderful site. I am a 26 year old housewife, I am pretty tall 5-9 to be precise, with a very cute and innocent looking face ( that�s what everyone tells me ), and my vital stats are 35-30-38. My story began 12 years ago, when I was 14. I belonged to a normal middle class family in Delhi, father a government servant and mother a schoolteacher, and a younger sister who was five years younger to me and was a regular pest. It was summer vacation time after my STD IX examinations. I had two months leave and wanted to go on the school trip to Darjeeling but my parents didn�t give permission for it, instead they decided that I should visit my youngest Chacha (Chacha-Father�s Younger Brother). He lived in Solan (Himachal Pradesh) and was a successful businessman. As he was visiting Delhi on a business matter it was arranged that I would go along with him.
At that juncture of time my height was 5-5 and certainly appeared much elder than my age. I had just graduated to the world of Bras and Sanitary Napkins. My knowledge of sex was virtually nil; whatever little I knew was courtesy school gossips and wild conjectures. But I was aware that boys and men look at me, and this excited me more than it scared me. However my parents were very orthodox and I would get a scolding if they found any boy in the colony talking to me. I was very excited since this was my first time to a Hill station and also my first outing without parents. We took the night deluxe bus to Solan. By the time we boarded the bus and the bus moved out of ISBT I was already half asleep. Chachu told me to be comfortable and so I curled up and slept off with my head in his lap. A little while later I woke up due to a jerk, and realized that one of the chachu�s hand was resting under my breast and the other on my head. Though I was uncomfortable with his hands touching me but I was so confident about my Chachu that I thought that it must be an accident as he too was sleeping and it wouldn�t be nice to disturb him. After all he was MY DARLING CHACHU , and he always had loved me like a daughter. It never entered my mind that his hands were there by design. So I kept on lying with my head in his lap, trying to sleep. But the touch of his hand on my breast would not let me sleep. After all it wasn�t all that bad a feeling, as a matter of fact I found it strangely pleasing. Soon I realized that whenever there was a jerk or bump, he was pressing his hand and squeezing my boobs. I was shocked and thoroughly confused. I was experiencing a feeling of outrage, guilt and undoubtedly some pleasure, all at the same time, not to mention the thrill of doing something forbidden. But I didn�t do anything, and continued to feign sleep. Within a few minutes his hand moved and opened the top two buttons of my shirt and then his hand snaked inside my shirt and started caressing my chest very slowly. He slowly moved his hand under the Bra and started rubbing my nipples and squeezing my breasts. When he tweaked my nipple I almost stopped breathing, I felt I was on fire and yet I was shivering, the pleasing sensations coursing right from my boobs to my groin were incredible. I knew it was wrong, and that I should do something to stop it. But I just couldn�t. I could not muster the courage to stop Chachu. By now I was also aware of a stiff rod touching my cheek through the trouser. I had never seen a man�s penis till then, only heard about it from friends in school and now here it was, throbbing so near me that I could feel its heat. I felt incapable of reacting so I continued lying on his lap. Then he closed my shirt buttons and soon the bus came to a halt. Chachu then shook me to get up and I also got up as if I was in deep sleep, hoping that no one especially Chachu could see my blushes. It was Pipli where the bus had stopped for refreshments etc. Chachu asked me if I wanted anything to eat or drink, we got down and both of us had a soft drink. He behaved as if nothing had happened, he was addressing me as ritu (my pet name) beti . When the bus recommenced its journey, I was in turmoil. What to do? If I slept in his lap he would again continue and if I didn�t, he would come to know that I was awake. Young as I was, I thought that former was preferable as I would be able to maintain throughout that I was sleeping. While I was thinking this chachu told me that next stop would only be at Chandigarh and that I should sleep. Thinking quickly I told him that I didn�t want to bother him and that he should also sleep. He told me that it was no problem at all and that he had also been sleeping. I just could not say anything and again lied in his lap. After about half an hour he whispered my name two -three times. I feigned sleep and as I expected his hand was again at my breasts. This time he was bolder and straight away opened the buttons of my shirt and started fondling me. Suddenly I felt a smooth, velvety and burning rod touching my cheeks. He must have unzipped his fly just before we boarded the bus in Pipli. I was on fire again and my breathing had become very shallow and erratic. Very slowly but definitely he was using the Bus�s motion to rub his dick on my cheeks. Then I felt him stiffen and soon there was something wet on my cheeks. I just could not comprehend what had happened. He cleaned up the gooey stuff with his handkerchief. Now he removed his hand from my shirt and buttoned it up. His rigid rod had also turned into a mouse, I was wondering how a thing could transform so quickly. From a monster it had changed to apparently harmless creature. He soon was asleep. I could hear his light snores. I relaxed assuming that at least for rest of the journey I would be safe and once we reach Solan, chachi would be there. How wrong my assumptions were to turn out became apparent within an hour or so. I would have just nodded off to sleep when I felt his hands under my skirt. His hand was all over, moving from inner thigh to my hips, massaging, caressing and pinching. By now the feeling of shame and guilt had subsided and given way to pleasure and curiosity. I didn�t want to put a stop to this forbidden pleasure. I was even enjoying the touch of his revitalized tool on my cheek. It was hard like a rod, smooth like velvet, throbbing like a panting beast and hot like a furnace. His hand kept on going up on my thigh till it touched my panty. It stayed there a while massaging my thigh in slow, agonizingly slow teasing circles. I could soon feel his hand rubbing my pussy through the cloth and trying to gain entry through the flimsy barrier. He moved the panty crotch to one side and started caressing the pussy lips, then he grew bolder and inserted one finger in my pussy, I was so wet down there that his finger entered my pussy without much difficulty. This insertion caused me a mild pain, which I braved. He could not push his finger too deep as my Hymen stopped it. Realising this he started to move his finger slowly in my cunt. I was in cloud nine, enjoying this invasion of my privates by none other but my Chacha. Suddenly he touched something that made me to virtually jump in my seat (I know today that something to be my clit). My movement caused him to remove his hand from my skirt. I got up and acted as if I was getting up from deep slumber. The bus soon reached Chandigarh, and by the time it moved, dawn had already broken. The rest of the journey to Solan was uneventful. Both of us pretending, as if nothing had transpired during the night. To know what happened in Solan, you will have to wait for the next part which would largely depend on how this part of my story is received. I would really appreciate your comments on my maiden effort. Plz send comments 

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