Satish badly wanted the Cuckold experience – Hot Cuckold Story

Satish badly wanted the Cuckold experience – Hot Cuckold Story


I would like to narrate you about my experience that happened a few months before the lockdown. However, I would like to caution you that this is a lengthy story. I hope you can hold yourself until the end.

I am Sumith, 33 years from Bangalore. I have a friend who is into Cuckolding, we used to meet often at his home where he enjoyed watching his wife being handled by me. He had shared my contact with one of his virtual friends about which he had informed me.

One fine day I got a message from him but couldn’t reply immediately. Later during the night, we got in touch again and we both introduced ourselves. He was Satish, from Mysore, aged 45 and his wife Ramya 38. They had two kids and his fantasy to watch his wife getting screwed increased after the second child was born. He told that Ramya was initially reluctant to try out, had even got mad at him when he first expressed his feelings. However, after being a mom, he said, her attitude started to change.

She used to get excited whenever they had sex watching threesome porn. he told that she had started to indirectly say that she is okay with it and he wanted to try it out before she changed her mind.

I asked him what exactly his fantasy was. Satish told me that first and foremost he wanted to watch her having sex with the other guy. But I told him to express himself and he could be very open with me and asked for the minute details of his fantasy. Only then he started speaking in detail about it. He wanted to see his wife flirting without caring that he is beside her, and also wanted to see her smoke. I asked if she tried weed, but he hadn’t tried it. And asked me if I can arrange for it.

Meanwhile, I shared a few cuckold quotes. He started to get too excited by the details of cuckolding. After beating around the bush for a while Satish told that he wanted to personally hold my dick and insert it to his wife’s pussy. Also, he wanted to lick Ramya after I fill her pussy with my load but soon turned apprehensive about it and told me not to mention about these discussions with his wife. I assured him not to worry and it told that it’s very common and regular fantasy among cuckold couples. Told him that he can surely do it once his wife opens up.

Our chats went on for a few days but I sensed that I hadn’t shared my pic with him. When I did that he was quite happy and appreciated my dick. He admitted that he thought of messaging me only after seeing my dick that Rajesh shared with him. He then showed me his wife’s pics. Ramya was an average looking lady but with prominent boobs. She was slim and with a medium height.

After a couple of days, he called me to say that he showed my pic to his wife and she agreed. We couldn’t meet at his place as they didn’t have much privacy. He asked if we can meet anywhere else than Mysore or Bangalore, I suggested Goa but he told it’s too much of travel and asked me if I’m comfortable with Coorg. It was, however, a nice place to make out and I told that we shall zero into it.

He booked a homestay and sent me the location and we agreed to meet directly there. It looked like to be in a remote place. The next weekend I reached the destination at around 3 PM, Satish and Ramya were yet to arrive, I discovered that they called the homestay to inform that they shall be arriving by 4 PM. It was a homestay which was inside the estate and had a steep climb where only Jeeps and two-wheelers could move. It provided ample amount of privacy. Only thing was that the food had to be ordered in advance and had to be brought in hot boxes. The accommodation was a desi Coorg type with tile roofing. I took a nice bath, rolled a few joints and strolled around the home in the woods for a while. It was calm and there were sounds just by nature around.

I enjoyed the walk and in 15 minutes I heard the Jeep getting closer and then saw Satish and Ramya getting down. Ramya was now wearing a chudidar which was a tight fit and her boobs looked bigger than it appeared in the pic. The Jeep immediately left after handing a flask of Coffee. I greeted them and hugged Ramya which she didn’t expect, however it was just a casual hug but she smiled when I winked at her and said “you look much beautiful than what I saw in the photo, and these colours suits you well.”

Satish told “she brought it especially for this occasion”

We had coffee and Ramya told she wanted to take bath. Meanwhile, Satish asked where can we buy some drinks. I took out a bottle of Old Monk and he was surprised to see his favourite drink.

He immediately took the glasses from the table and made a drink for both of us. I brought in the third glass and took out the Pepsi I had brought. I made Ramya a drink with 30 rum. She came out of the bath, dressed wearing a T-shirt and a track pant.

“We are waiting for you to start the party,” I told Ramya.

“Oh.. I don’t drink much and I have had only wine and beer until now”

“Don’t worry, everything has a first time” I winked at her. I could see her blushing and she sat with us. We cheered up and Ramya first started to smell it. She had a sip when I told “Don’t worry, I have made it smooth for you”

“It tastes nothing different than Pepsi” she gulped almost 70% in one go and then exclaimed “Oh now I can feel something hot going in”

“Wait dear, not yet the time for you to feel hot” I joked. She told “No.. I meant..” and only then got the joke. Meanwhile, Satish had a smile on his face. She elbowed him showing fake anger.

I pulled out a cigarette and offered her. She looked at Satish, I said “you are free now why do you look at him for each and everything, just try it and see how it feels” Then I lighted one and gave it to her.

She started laughing feeling smoke coming out of her lips. By the time she finished the cigarette she also emptied her glass. I made another small for her and we had another round of drinks chit-chatting.

“How about a small walk around the coffee plants, it’s cool out there” I suggested. Ramya immediately woke up from the chair and stood still, closed her eyes for a second and told “I’m feeling the buzz. It’s somewhat nice”

I held her hand and grabbed her to hold her waist and said: “we shall go.” Meanwhile, Satish was still on his chair and I looked upon him, he had a wide smile seeing me holding her by the waist. “Hey come on, we shall go around,” I told him.

Ramya and I went out first and Satish followed us by locking the door. It looked like Ramya was my girlfriend and Satish just accompanied us. We walked for a while and then we all sat down under a tree over the leaves.

I took out a joint and lit it up. “what is that!?” Ramya quizzed. I just gave it to her “Try it, it’s weed.” She immediately took a puff and told “hey nice, it has a taste, not like a cigarette” By then only Ramya and myself were in the conversation and Satish was a silent spectator. I then handed over the joint to Satish, he took a deep drag and started to cough. Ramya let out a loud laugh.

I then showed her how to take a drag and put my hands over her boobs saying “you should let the smoke go deep in here” She had a drag and now it was her turn to cough. We all laughed and she too got a burst of laughter in the midst of her coughing.

Once we got done with the weed I grabbed her by shoulders and planted a kiss over her lips. As if waiting for it she responded immediately. She started to lick my lips and broke the kiss for a brief moment to say “it has got the taste of weed in here.” Satish looked excited and perplexed to see his wife gel with me that soon. He watched us with his eyes wide open. We kissed for almost 10 minutes meanwhile I started kneading her boobs, each one was a handful.

After braking the kiss she looked at Satish and this time she had a bit of shyness in her face. I whispered in her ears “look at his cock, he is hard watching you”

“Shall we go back?” she asked. We immediately headed back to the room, and while going back I was caressing her boobs and ass. “It seems you have a perfect ass,” I told, to which she blushed. Meanwhile, Satish walked behind us glueing his eyes to his wife’s ass. Sensing that I put my hands inside her track pants and grabbed her face for another kiss and dry humped her. She looked down at my dick which made a tent in my pants, I held her hand and made her feel my dick above the pant.

“I can’t wait” she whispered into my ears.

We got in and she sat on the bed exchanging eye contacts and smiles with Satish. I told her “when animals have sex they aren’t bothered by where they are or who is watching them. Do you know why is it so?”

“Why?” Ramya asked. “Because when you get deeply involved in sex you don’t bother about the surroundings.”

“Wow” was her reply.

I pulled out her T-shirt and started to caress her boobs. “Aaahssshhh” she let out a slight moan closing her eyes. I rolled my hands over her boobs for a while but didn’t unhook her bra yet. I rolled my tongue around the bra which made her moans a bit louder. Meanwhile, Satish was on the sofa looking at us with a drink in his hand. I called him saying “Satish why don’t you help me unhook her bra from behind”

When he got up I saw Ramya looking into my eyes and pulled my face, kissed me as if she is going to eat out my lips. She pulled my tongue into her mouth. She was getting hot with every minute passed by. As soon Satish unhooked her Bra she pulled my T-Shirt and started to lick my chest and nipples.

I pulled my pant down to spring out my erect dick. Ramya held my dick in hand, stroked it a couple of times and bent to take my dick into her mouth. “Aah.. wow” I heard Satish exclaiming, as soon his wife took my dick in. He couldn’t hold any longer and I saw him taking his pants down in a hurry. He sat in another corner of the bed and started to stroke watching his wife giving me a blowjob.

“Hey what are you waiting for, remove her pant for me” I ordered Satish.

Ramya, with my dick still in her mouth, immediately got into doggy for Satish to give access to undo her track pant. He pulled it away along with her panty and in flash started to suck her pussy. Ramya’s moans now became louder and got into a rhythm sucking and moaning “mmmm….mmmmm…. mmmm… mmmm”

Then she took out my dick, gasping for breath she said, “I can’t wait.. I can’t wait… put it in please”

I pushed her onto the bed, rubbed my dick over and around her pussy. She pulled me holding my ass and pleaded “pleeese.. I need it in”

I told “Satish wanted to put my cock into your pussy with his own hands,”

“oooh.. whatever, do it soon, please soon” I saw Satish’s face glow for making his dream come true. He opened her pussy lips in two fingers and with the other hand, he placed my cock over his wife’s bald pussy. With a hard push, I went in. Ramya lifted her back moaning “OOOOoooooovvvve.”

Within just two strokes I felt her pussy flooding, and now it was a real bliss for my cock. I increased the pace and started ramming her pussy hard. She gave equal movements to her waist to match my poundings. Within 5 minutes I heard an aah from Satish and he had shot his cum. He held his palms down while cumming but he shot a huge load spilling it all over the room.

“Oh.. I have never seen you cuming this much” Ramya got excited looking at that scene.

I changed her position to Doggy and entered from behind. She gave me good access by arching her back making her ass protrude towards my dick. “Hmmmm yes,, yes..” she shouted when I entered her.

“She is moaning a lot, why don’t you shut her mouth with your dick” He stood near her mouth and she took his lymph cock and started sucking it.

After a few minutes of banging, I took her to the sofa and humped her in missionary. Ramya was moaning a lot and she pulled me by holding my ass in each stroke. Satish was now stroking his dick lying down on the bed and watching us.

I then increased my speed which made Ramya gasp for breath. After a few ultra-fast strokes, I felt Ramya orgasming again and I too couldn’t hold it any longer now. I emptied my load into her pussy and she hugged me tight crushing her boobs to my chest.

I took my cock out and positioned beside the sofa to suck her nipples. She started to caress my head. For once I looked at Satish who was still stroking himself. “You can do that later, now get her pussy cleaned for the second round”

Ramya had a surprised look on her face but within no time Satish was down at her pussy living his dream in the real world. Ramya caressed by the head with another mild moan.


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