Sissy slave dominated by mistress gf and neighbour – Sex story

Sissy slave dominated by mistress gf and neighbour – Sex story

Hi, I am Harsh back with another domination incident in my life. Please read my first story, “Dominated by Girlfriend And Maid” to get some perspective.

Divya, my mistress girlfriend had gone to her father’s home as he was sick. For people who have forgotten, Divya is 5ft 9in goddess with big boobs and long legs. She has muscular but elegant thighs. Her clean shaved pussy was my watering hole. Her clit was my God.

I was waiting eagerly for her to return. After some days, I got a call from her saying that she was coming the next day. Her father was okay.

I cleaned the house and made all other arrangements for my mistress girlfriend’s arrival. I couldn’t sleep that night because of Divya.

The next day, I was naked waiting for her. She arrived in the afternoon. It was very hot. Divya was wearing a tank top and a short dress showing off her legs and even some part of her shapely ass. She was very happy to see me naked.

Divya grabbed my nipples and twisted it making me scream. She loved to hear my screams. She then slapped my ass and put her finger in my asshole and removed it. Then she put her finger inside my mouth and ordered me to clean it. She then squeezed my penis saying, “Chotu kaisa he?” My penis was erect standing at 4 inches.

Divya then started teasing me by giving me a handjob. But she was not making me cum. When I was going to cum, she squeezed my balls and slapped my penis.

She said that she was tired and dirty. So she made me lick her feet. I started licking her toes. Her toes were sweaty. I was enjoying the smell and taste. I started licking her feet and then her thighs. I also gave her a foot massage.

Then my mistress gf removed her dress. She was not wearing any pantie. She then ordered me to lick her pussy which I did. She was moaning in pleasure and was also squeezing her thighs keeping me in position. I must have made her cum at least 2 times. I licked her pussy clean and was waiting for her next demand.

My sexy girlfriend was tired and wanted to sleep. She then told me to keep my mouth open and close to her pussy. She also held my head tight in that position. She then started to pee. I had no choice but to drink her pee! It was salty and had a foul taste.

I got angry and I shouted at her. I told her that I was not a toilet bowl and she should not have done that.

Divya then calmly told me that she was my mistress and I was her slave. She told me that I was lucky to have her and should worship her and follow her every command. She told me that I will receive my punishment for this disobedience later.

My mistress then ordered me to clean her pee-stained pussy. I did it without any complain, fearing her punishment.

Divya slept for a couple of hours. After her nap, she called me and ordered me to get in doggy position. She changed into a lacy attire and wore an 8-inch strapon. She was looking hot and angry.

Then she fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. She also hit me with her belt all over my body. She asked me who I was.

I answered that I was her slave, I was her bitch and my place was forever at her feet. She was somewhat satisfied and stopped hitting me and fucked me like we normally do. (I am writing this story on her permit. She wants to tell the world that I am her sissy bitch.)

One day, I was, as usual, worshipping my goddess. The doorbell rang. Divya told me to open the door. I was naked but I had become her complete slave. So I went to open the door. It was our neighbour Rohan. Rohan was 19 and was studying in college He was 5ft 7in in height and towered over me. He was surprised to see me naked.

He saw my small dick and touched it. I exclaimed in pain. Divya said, “Rahul, you have to pay to touch his dick.”

I was shocked and was about to say something. Then I remembered that I was her slave and was fortunate to have her. I kept quiet.

Rohan then asked the cost. Divya said, “It will cost 1000 to fuck him. He will also give you a blowjob and will lick your ass. But you will have to fuck him in front of me.”

Rohan agreed and paid the cash. Rohan then told me to remove his clothes. I removed his shirt and shorts. Rohan started to kiss me and he went down to lick my nipples. He was biting my nipples very hard. I was screaming in pain and told him to stop doing that.

He slapped me and said, “Chal randi mera mu me le.”

I then removed his underwear and started licking his balls. It was the first time I was giving a man a blowjob. I did not want to do it. But I was enslaved by my mistress gf.

She had made me hers both in mind and soul. I was giving Rahul a blowjob. His penis size was 6 inches and was 2 inches in girth. I was used to bigger sizes. He came in 2 minutes.

Rahul then made me lick his ass. I gave him an ass-licking for 20 minutes until he was ready to fuck me. He then fucked me in doggy position. It was a good feeling to be fucked by a real cock than a strap-on. I was enjoying the session.

Rahul had good stamina as he had just cum before. He fucked me for 30 minutes and then he came in my ass. It was a very good feeling. My gf was watching our fuck session in amusement. She was happy to see me getting fucked by a real man.

Rahul thanked Divya, slapped my ass, and left. Divya said, “My pussy was wet seeing you get fucked in the ass. I need your tongue in there.” Saying this, she pushed my head into her pussy. I gave her a blowjob after which she fucked me with her huge strapon.

Currently, due to Covid, Divya and I are in separate places. I have many other stories where I was fucked by my teacher (male and female), and hotel staff.


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