Slutty restaurant manager Shoba fucks virgin waiter – Sex Story

Slutty restaurant manager Shoba fucks virgin waiter – Sex Story

Hi and hello to all dear readers. A little intro of myself before going into my real-life sexual encounters.

My name is Dhanesh (name changed), age 29 years, height 5’8″, weighing around 75 kg. I am a model type, a handsome looking guy with athletic body. To be frank, my manhood’s length is 7″ and width is about 2″.

I have been working as a co-pilot at a company for the past few years. I was brought up in a family where discipline is important and education is given preference.

I was exposed to the world of porn and masturbation at the age of 18 through my best friend who taught me how to relieve myself from study stress.

Since then, I have addicted to porn and sex and used to masturbate twice a week. My first sexual encounter happened, or can I say that I lost my virginity when I was a 19-year-old boy.

After completing my secondary school and waiting for the results to come out, I planned for a part-time job. I applied to many food and beverage outlets where one can get a job easily.

One day when I was sleeping in the afternoon, I received a call from a fast-food restaurant in a famous mall. It was the manager who had called me. She said her name was Ms. Shoba (name changed).

She said she would have to interview me for the waiter’s post. I agreed and we fixed an appointment for the interview. As the day arrived, I dressed up neatly in formal clothes and went for the interview.

I was told to wait in the waiting area in front of the office. Since we had agreed upon a mutual date, I was the only candidate there. I was a bit nervous. Then the receptionist called out my name and asked me to go to the cabin.

I went into the cabin, and there seated was the queen who took away my virginity, Ms. Shoba, the manager of the branch.

Shoba was 29 years old back then, unmarried, having shoulder-length hair with a fringe cut in the front, 5’5″ tall, and with a fair skin texture. Her body stat were 34B-27-34 (which I came to know later).

She looked really beautiful and had a cute face. I was not able to see her lower body as she was sitting on her chair.

The manager lady greeted me and the interview session started, which did not last for more than 10 minutes. She said I had passed the interview and could join the team at the beginning of next month and she handed me the uniform as well.

Her cute face was stuck in my head and she became the model for my masturbation session for all those nights, till the day came for me to start work.

I got up early, dressed, and went to the restaurant. She was in the lobby with her back turned towards me. I greeted her from behind.

As she turned to face me, I was stunned with her hotness. She was wearing a tight black skirt up to her knees, where the shape of her ass and her pantyline was clearly visible. Her body-hugging white shirt with singlet inside showed off her well maintained hot boobs.

I was in awe for a while, while my penis started to rise to a semi-erect condition. She called all the co-workers and introduced me to them.

Then she took me to her cabin and handed me my working schedule, where I was assigned the evening shift until closing time.

I had to travel by bus as the mall was placed 10 km away from my house. The 1st week went off smoothly as I was under training. I used to watch her walking here and there as her ass swayed left and right in her tight skirt.

Her boobs also used to bounce when she walked faster than normal. I used to capture those images in my mind and use them once back home for masturbation.

After two weeks, my training session was completed. But very often I was called into the manager Shoba’s cabin and would be scolded as I was being careless, dropping orders, and breaking plates due to my clumsiness. But I took this as an opportunity to meet her in her cabin and watch her sexiness.

One day, I was called into her cabin, as usual, due to a delayed in serving an order to a customer. She was really mad at me and started to yell at me.

As my head was facing down, I saw something that was disturbing me a lot. When I tilted up my head a bit, I saw Shoba’s mid shirt button was unbuttoned.

I was able to see her red bra with glimpses of the flesh of her boobs. My eyes were stuck at this wonderful sight and she caught me staring at her boobs.

She got mad at me and started to yell even louder this time while adjusting her red shirt. I was really down and scared as she threatened to sack me due to sexual harassment.

The day got even worse when it started to rain after my shift was done. I was drenched in rain waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Then I saw Shoba was riding a bike passing by my bus-stop. She saw me standing there alone and turned back towards the bus-stop.

She said, “There will be no bus on this route if it is raining. I will take you to your home if you don’t mind”. Of course, I didn’t mind as I had to go home somehow.

As we started our journey, it started to rain heavily. Shoba stopped her bike by the side of the road and told me to come to her flat as she was staying nearby.

She said that I could leave when the rain stopped. I agreed with her and followed her to her flat. It was not too far from the mall.

We reached her parking around midnight and then took the lift as her flat was on the 15th floor. Only me and Shoba were in the lift, and as we drenched in the rain, I could see a small impression of her nipple and her bra line.

I was already caught once in the evening looking at her boobs, so I tried to avoid contact with her sexiness, but my little brother would not listen and I got an erection which could be seen as my pants had stuck to my skin.

Shoba noticed this and giggled. When we reached her house, I called my mother to inform her that as I was stuck in heavy rain and currently at my friend’s house, I might be back home late tonight.

She said, “Ok, but take care”. Shoba handed me a towel and ask me to freshen up first and she will pass on her shorts and tee to me later.

I came out with the towel wrapped around my waist, and with a small tent formed due to my erection. She saw that and commented, “I hope that 2 people can be fitted in that tent” while passing me her shorts and tee. I wore it without any underwear.

When she came out of the bathroom, the sight was really tempting and the room was getting hotter, as she wrapped herself in a pink towel which covers her boobs halfway and covers up to her ass.

She walked slowly to her room and closed the door. After 5 minutes she came out of her room wearing a transparent chili red color nightie with matching red color bra and panty.

I could see the shadow of her hour-glass structure with a flat tummy. It made it hard to swallow my own saliva. As I was not wearing any underwear, my cock became fully erect and formed a high tent in my shorts.

Shoba came and sat beside me, then asked me whether I wanted any drinks? I said coffee would be fine. She get-up and walked towards the kitchen, got two cups of coffee, and came back to the sofa.

This time she sat very close to me so that I could feel the warmness of her thigh. I just quietly watched her boobs going up and down as she breathed.

I don’t know what was going on in her mind, then all of a sudden she grabbed my dick over the shorts. I was in both shock and cloud nine. Suddenly courage built up in me and I hugged her and started to smooch her (I was so clumsy as it was my first lip kiss), but she guided me very well.

Her tongue started to enter my mouth and we started sword fighting with our tongues, continuously exchanging our saliva.

Her hand was busy playing and massaging my cock over the shorts, while my right hand was holding her back and my left hand was teasing her stomach and was traveling towards her boobs.

Before touching her boobs, she broke the kiss and stood up in front of me, and teasingly stripped off her nightie. Now she was just standing in her sexy bra and panty.

She knelt down and came towards my crotch area, inserted both her hands in my shorts via my thighs, and grabbed my cock with both her hands.

While playing and teasing my cock, she commented that it’s really a hot rod and will perfectly fit her wet pussy. Then she took off my shorts in one go, and this time she held the root of my cock with a tight grip.

I saw my pre-cum started to ooze and without a second thought, she licked it taking my cock’s head into her mouth.

Damn, it was so much pleasure and I closed my eyes as she was showing me the heaven on earth. From the way she sucked my dick and the immense pleasure she was giving me, I knew that she is a pro in blowjob and must have done it a thousand times.

When I opened my eyes to see her, she started to perform deep throat. With my steamy eyes, the sight was like watching porn and a porn-star performing a lifetime blowjob.

My cock started to throb as she slurped it in her mouth, and all I was doing was enjoying the pleasure while she held her head with my both hands.

Then she took out my cock from her mouth and started to jerk while sucking my balls. OH MY GOD! I started to moan as my slutty manager sucked my balls like a vacuum cleaner, giving so much pleasure.

I couldn’t hold on anymore. I unhooked her bra and threw it away and groped her from behind while she was busy blowing my cock. I couldn’t see them but could feel them with my hands. They were huge for my palms, solid hot. Her nipples were poking my palms.

I squeezed one boob and pinched another boob’s nipple. She gave out a small moan as my balls came out together.

She stood up, and for the first time in my life, I was seeing a half-naked woman with solid boobs and reddish nipples which were already poking and inviting me to suck and bite.

Without wasting time, I stood up and took off my tee. My cock was saluting her beauty and her sexiness. Shoba came near me, grabbed my 7″ cock, and dragged me into her room.

She sat at the corner of her bed and instructed me to kneel down. She asked me to take off her panty and give her the pleasure that she gave me just now.

I did what she told me and took off her panty. And damn! She was so clean down there that I could see her pinkish pussy. It was so tempting.

She took her middle finger, inserted into her mouth, took it off and pointed to her clitoris (which I came to know later).

At first, I was hesitating to lick her, but when I placed my tongue over her pussy, she let out a huge moan and it was so tempting.

Without knowing, I started to lick her hard and fast and she was almost screaming,

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh… yeeessssss, lick it, boy…uuuuhhhhffffff yeeeeaaaaahhhh, that’s the point.. Ooooooohhhh play with your tongue, babyyy..”

My ears were listening to her instructions and my tongue was doing its job. At one point, she held my head close to her pussy and I could feel she was discharging some fluid from her pussy and it tasted salty. Then she let go of my head and lay down on her bed.

I stood up and saw her tempting boobs. I went to her body, kissed her all over her, took one nipple into my mouth, and sucked it really hard. Meanwhile, I was playing with the other nipple.

She started to moan again, “Oooohhhh fuck, yeah suck it da… suck it hard.”

She pushed me aside, positioned herself well and opened her legs wide while inviting me to fuck her pussy hole.

As I was new to this, I was looking for her pussy hole which I failed to enter a few times. She looked at me and asked whether I was still a virgin? I admitted to the fact.

She said, “It’s ok, I will guide you, my fuck-boy”. She asked me to lie down and my cock was pointing towards the ceiling. The lady manager then climbed up on me and guided my cock into her pussy hole while she just sat on top me.

I closed my eyes as I could feel the pleasure and the frictions produced from my cock and her pussy wall. We both moaned at the same time as the pleasure built up.

She slowly started to ride me. I could feel my cock moving in and out of her pussy. The room was filled up with our moaning and screams and it created a horny environment.

Literally she was fucking me as she was sitting on top of me. I could feel her pussy contracting and some fluid started to discharge. Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing.

It was my mom. I saw the time, it was 2 am. I told my mom there was no transport and I will be back home in the morning. She agreed.

Once I hung up, Shoba again started to suck my cock harder this time as a punishment. Then she climbed back on top of me and we resumed the fucking session.

I saw her boobs were bouncing up and down, it was so inviting. I just grabbed her boobs with both my hands and started to squeeze them hard.

She was riding me for 15 to 20 minutes and again, I felt her pussy was contracting. This time, she discharged a lot of fluid with a huge moan.

She then lay on top of my body and asked me whether I had discharged or not? I said, “No”.

She went down, took my cock in her mouth and sucked for about 5 minutes. I ejaculated my cum in her mouth.

It was the longest cum that I had in my life but I was so relieved. She never wasted a single drop of my cum and sucked it dry until my cock become flaccid.

We both slept together naked with the lights on. When I woke up in the morning, she was missing from the bed. Then I heard footsteps.

Shoba came into the room with bed coffee. She was wearing last night’s nightie but no inners. I had an instant erection as she passed me the coffee and took my cock into her mouth.

We made an arrangement of weekend fucks, so we would meet up every Friday and have sex. I worked there for three months and we had a really good time. Literally, she fucked me every time.

Now, I heard that she has got married and moved to another state.

So, how was it, guys? If any girls or ladies are interested, please do drop a line in my inbox. I hope your hand or finger moved down while reading.

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