Story of bus traveling sex with an old man in the last seat

Story of bus traveling sex with an old man in the last seat

Hi, this is my first story, so if you find any mistakes, kindly ignore and forgive. My name is Jacob (changed). I am from Madurai. This bus traveling sex is a true incident that happened to me when I studied my UG in engineering in Chennai.

First of all, let me tell you about myself. I am a typical Tamil brown color, height about 5’9″ with a slim figure, with an average penis size of about 6 inches. This incident happened in my second year of college.

So basically, I lived in my college hostel. So if I ever get leave for more than three days, I will go to my hometown. So at that time, the Diwali holidays came. I planned to celebrate Diwali in my hometown and went to the Koyambedu bus stand.

Usually, I will get the bus within 10 minutes. But that year, I waited more than two hours, and most of them pre-booked online. I asked a conductor if there’s any bus that isn’t pre-booked. He asked me to wait and arranged for me a seat on a bus.

As I entered the bus, most of the window seats were taken. So I took the last empty row. After that, the bus didn’t take off for more than half an hour. After 45 minutes, an old man comes towards my seat.

He asked me if he can sit here, even though the opposite side was empty. I’m confused, but I said, ok, you can sit here. After that, the bus took off, and still, the opposite side of the last row was empty.

Let me describe this old man. He was fair with a bald head slim body, aged about 55. After some time, he started a conversation with me. He was going back to Madurai as he came to Chennai for professional work. And he asked about my studies and my hometown.

The conversation kept ongoing, but I felt something is wrong. Because he doesn’t see eye to eye. Every 5 minutes, he looked on my pant zip. At first, I thought it was by mistake. But after I noticed him seeing my zip, he frequently sees my pant. I don’t want to be rude to an old man, so I didn’t say anything.

After some time, a strange thought came to my mind how far he will go. This thought makes me horny. So when he was not looking, I opened my jeans zip halfway and let it be there for him to see. He started the conversation again with me. But this time, when he sees my pant zip, his eyes started to get bigger.

Seeing his reaction makes me horny as hell. But he didn’t do anything as this was a bus and he was nervous. So he continued the conversation about sports, politics, and so on. So I lost interest and felt sleepy. I said to him I’m going to sleep. I took my bedsheet from my bag and covered myself and went to sleep.

I’m in my half-sleep, and I noticed he started to touch my thigh and kept his hand there. He was not massaging or anything. He simply kept his hands on my thighs. After some time, he started to move his hand towards my dick, which is semi-erect now.

He tried to unzip my pant. I turn my head towards him. He suddenly removed his hand from my thighs. I’m acting as nothing happened and moving my head in another direction, and pretending to be asleep. My co-passenger repeated this erotic encounter a couple of times.

The third time he successfully unzipped my pant and touched my underwear (chaddi). He touched my dick, and now my dick is fully erected and wants to come out of my chaddi. I am in a good mood. So I suddenly grabbed his hand. He was shocked.

I didn’t let go of his hand and started to press it against my dick, to his surprise. I looked at him and smiled at him. He took this as a green signal and started to unbutton my pant. He removed my pant and chaddi about my thighs. I looked around. No one on the bus can see us because it’s dark.

Moreover, I have a bedsheet over me, so I didn’t find any problem and give him a signal. He kept his right hand on my dick. With his left hand, he lifted my t-shirt and started to play with my nipples. I’m in heaven right now. After that, he took my hand and placed it on his dick.

I understand what he wants me to do. So I unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick. I noticed his dick was smaller than mine, but he had very big balls. So I started to play with his balls. It was so mushy and hairy. Now he started to suck my nipples like a baby.

That made me ooze pre-cum. He took that pre-cum in his finger and licked his finger fully with my pre-cum. By seeing this, it’s kind of feels gross, and that same time makes me horny. And he started to grab my dick again and started to gently stroke it.

I closed my eyes when he suddenly kissed on my lips. I don’t know what to do. At first, I resisted. But he was persistent with his tongue. He started to penetrate his tongue through my teeth, and I can taste my pre-cum. It was salty and bitter at the same time.

Now I start to stroke his dick fast, and he oozed some pre-cum. He grabbed my hand and led my finger to my mouth, and I tasted his pre-cum. It was so tasty, and we started to kiss again with both of our pre-cum in the mouth. I was in heaven at the time.

Now we broke the kiss and slowly started to give me a blowjob under my bedsheet. I can’t see him give me a blowjob, but I can feel the warmth of his mouth around my dick. It was sensational. His mouth just doing magic around my dick. He licked the balls and took the dick fully in his mouth.

I felt like I’m going to cum. So I informed him. He says, “I’ll take it in the mouth.” After a minute, I came into his mouth with a lot of cum. To my surprise, he drank all of it without even wasting a single drop.

After that, he pointed his finger at his dick. I can understand what he was trying to say. So I slowly moved my head towards his dick and started to give a blowjob. I’m not experienced like him, so I gave him a sloppy blowjob. I think he got horny and started to face fuck me.

He grabbed my head and pushed my head in his dick. Now his dick was fully in my mouth. After some time, he came into my mouth. I can’t drink all of it, so he helped me clean myself with a bedsheet. We smiled at each other and started to sleep. It was one unforgettable journey of my life.

I hope you all enjoyed the story of erotic fun with a mature guy. You can send your feedback to [email protected]

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