Story of losing my virginity to my office friend

Story of losing my virginity to my office friend

Hello all, myself Nithin (name changed). This happened to me recently during the lockdown. I have posted my previous foreplay with my friend in ‘Seducing My Hot Friend For Erotic Foreplay.’ Let me tell you about losing my virginity to my office friend, also a virgin.

I work for an MNC in Hyderabad. Am 28, 5.10 in height. The girl in my story is my colleague. She is around 27 with 5.7 fair, well build girl. She looks like Amyra Dastur (Bollywood heroine). Her name is Amulya (name changed).

This girl was a feast to watch for every mans’ eyes. All my office mates used to talk to her. She sits in the front row. I always wanted to talk to her but could not.

Once I got a chance to talk to her regarding some work. We became good friends after that. We started to go out to breaks within the office. All my other friends in the office teased me with her name, and I enjoyed it a lot. As she was a figure to die for, everyone used to notice me when we were together.

Slowly, I became desperate to fuck her like hell. But since she is an office colleague, I was not so bold enough to talk about it. This had happened before March 2020. Once the lockdown began, all the offices /hostels were closed, she moved to her relative’s house. All the office goers started to work from home.

My parents, who were due to come in June-2020 from the UK, canceled the visit due to the pandemic. So I was staying alone in my house and nearby friends used to come occasionally. Amulya and I used to talk over the phone daily.

I learned that her relatives are also moving to their home town. She is stuck in Hyderabad as no transport was there for her to go to her home town. I gathered guts and offered her to stay with me in my home. She said nothing initially.

After a few days, she asked about my home and will there be any problem. I told her that she is always welcome and she can stay at my home. Initially, my intention was to fuck her badly. But once she asked for help, I killed that idea and genuinely wanted to help her.

So around June/July, she came to my home along with her luggage. In her home, she lied that she is staying with all her friends in an apartment. It was a festival for me to see in my home.

We worked from home in different rooms and in the evening used to cook together. She was a great chef. We slept in different rooms. She took my room, and I took another bedroom. I gave her mine as it has a TV and AC in it.

After 15-20 days of normal talks. I offered her drinks, and she refused it. I asked if she is ok if I drink. She was fine and used to make starters like chicken fry, omelet when I was drinking.

Days passed. Once I was browsing my personal laptop, she saw a dress she liked and clicked it immediately. That dress was opened as a new tab in the browser. All the other tabs were porn sites. She saw those and was very uncomfortable. I was totally embarrassed and left, taking the laptop from her.

I broke the ice later by apologizing to her. She was not very ok. When I was drinking, she asked me if I watch porn daily, to which I said yes. The next question was, what do you do after watching porn. I told her that I masturbate.

I asked her if she is a virgin, to which she said yes. I said the same answer but told that once I had foreplay. I asked her if she masturbates. She said she does not like doing it herself.

From that night, again, the idea of fucking her dry came to my brain. I was seeing her in that way only. She wanted to drink, and we both had started to drink vodka. I could see those fair thighs when she sits on the sofa. My agenda was clear, to fuck her like hell.

I sat very close next to her on the sofa and cuddled her. I started to kiss her on the cheeks. She responded quickly and started to say the words like fuck, pussy, dick. She was completely chilled. I kept my hand inside her short started to rub her pussy.

She was saying like, “Na pooku anta nachinda?” (You like my pussy so much?) and was moaning. I opened her short and panty and was kissing the thighs and naval but not pussy. Pussy was clean-shaven and a little grey, wet, and her whole body was milky white.

When I started to lick and bite the pussy, this 27-year-old girl was moaning heavily. Inside the pussy it was pink in color. I was spitting on it and licking. She pushed my whole head inside her. She closed her eyes and started to enjoy. My eyes were wide open, and seeing her expressions was the best.

My dick already became rock hard and was waiting to go inside her wet pussy. With my mouth inside her mouth, I slowly inserted my dick inside my best friend’s pussy. As she was a virgin, it was so tight. I was putting pressure. After 15-20 minutes of continuous slow fuck, my dick was completely inside her.

We both were not virgins anymore. I was pounding on her like hell, and she was shouting. Her face turned pink. I got the grip of her ass and was fucking the pussy like there is no tomorrow. I was moving my dick around inside her pussy. She was also cooperating. She was moving her hip based on my moments.

After maybe 30-45 minutes, we cum almost at the same time. I cum inside, and she was ok with it and told me that she will take care. The reason for fucking so long was the vodka. It made magic. We slept together naked that night.

The next day morning, we spoke about what we have done. We talked about every bit of it. We both informed our respective managers that we will take off due to some urgent work. The only thing for us was to fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck. I fucked her like hell for 2 days.

After 2 days we started to work as usual. I never allowed her to wear clothes. Maximum allowed was to wear a panty and bra. Her walk was the best when she wore just panty. The fucking sessions happened for almost 2 months.

I fucked her in the bathroom, bedroom, dining table, kitchen, hall, couch, and every corner of my home and whenever we got mood. The best was the dining table one. We tried different positions, imitating porn. I ass-fucked her.

All our body size changed after our continuous intercourse and lockdown. All her clothes were becoming tight to wear. After 2 months of continuous enjoyment, she left for her home town. I am still in touch with her and talk about the days we spent.

I must say that I am very lucky to lose my virginity to my virgin friend. She was also very happy as she felt that she lost her virginity to a handsome man. These were the best days of my life, and I will never forget her. I am sure that those golden days will not come back ever.

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