Story of me and the interviewer at a new office

Story of me and the interviewer at a new office

When I gave my last round of interview at Deloitte USI Hyderabad, I knew I won’t make it. I went to the conference room and sat alone in frustration of being rejected at the very last minute. After sitting there alone for 15 minutes, I felt someone patting my back and calming me down with her soft hands.

Aditi, a 26-year-old Financial Analyst, was one of the panel members of the technical round team. She was highly impressed by my academics and experience and wanted me to be hired by the company.

She was 5.5 inches girl, with a nice slim body and beautiful eyes and hair. Smiling all way through the day, she was a source of positivity. She got me to understand my weak points, due to which I was rejected, and in a friendly way, consoled me.

After some interaction, I told her that I was going to leave for the airport to board my flight. The office was nearly vacated as it was 11 pm already and only a few were remaining.  I had my flight at 5 in the morning.

So she asked if we can have dinner in the office itself and spend some time. She was also tired to get to her home. We ordered pizza and pasta and had a wonderful hour, and the clock ticked 12. She started to felt a bit sad and got emotional later.

I asked why she was acting weird suddenly. She confessed that she had broken up with her boyfriend exactly a year ago in the same place in the conference room. I hugged her tight, and that moment turned out great. We both felt comfortable with each other close by.

She began to cry soon after that, and I kissed her forehead. She felt the love from the kiss and wished to be loved more. She was very beautiful. I risked to kiss her jelly, warm thick lips and gave her a smoothing kiss after staring into her eyes.

She was feeling better at that moment and pulled me closer to kiss and love her. It was a pleasure to kiss her. After that, it went from love to lust, with both of us warming our lips well and getting our bodies to feel the heat. I laid her on the table and switched on the projector.

It displayed our shadows getting intense. She locked the room, and we were sure of making it a special time. Moving towards her neck, I slowly went to her cleavages. I started to lick and smell her jasmine smell and sweet-tasting skin. I removed her yellow top.

I was excited to see her perfectly shaped boobs under her push-up black bra. She pulled my hair and pushed my face inside her chest, and asked me to smell and lick her more. I unlocked her bra and moved my fingers around her boobs, and felt the curves on my hands.

She was fair-skinned and had 32C boobs with a dark brown perky tight nipple, asking me to bite and chew them. I held her boobs tight and gave a rough and wild biting on the nipple. She began to moan and felt horny.

The shadows on the projector screen massively displayed her boobs being sucked. That gave us a spice to fuck. I removed my shirt, lay on her on the table, and locked her thighs and body under my legs. I rubbed her boobs on my chest while kissing her.

I went through her navel and fingered her deep, and poked her well. She was feeling vibration there and began to laugh and pleasure and wanted me to go down immediately. I got my hands under her pants and felt a smooth path there. It was a clear path.

My fingers slid down well, and I felt it’s wet skin already leaking with my foreplay. I lowered her pants and got her nude wholly, and a masterpiece naked girl image stuck my eyes. I lifted her in my arms and pushed her to the walls. I got my dick to rub her tight warm pussy.

I wanted to suck and lick it immediately. But I gave a stroke immediately and got me in wholly. It was painful for both of us as my 7 inches hard dick with a wide and fleshy dick head was finding a way to penetrate her tight warm pink pussy.

The way I erected cannot be written. But it was the best penetrations I’ve ever had in life. I pulled her lips, sucked, and swirled my tongue inside her mouth. Licked, sucked, slapped, grope her boobs and ass, and spanked her all over her nice 36 ass.

I fucked her for 10 minutes in all possible styles and poses. I finally stretched her legs wide as I can and got a close look at her pussy. It was a fresh pussy with pink lips and a soft clit. I sucked her juices well, and she was flowing warm juices for me to drink and lick.

I forgot what pizza or pasta tasted like as I felt her pussy had better cream and cheesy one. I inhaled her pussy for some time before it was my turn to get a blowjob.

She wrapped and got her mouth filled nicely with my 7 inches and took it deep in her throat. Giggling and spitting my cum back, she twisted it well and shook it well for me to get moaning and pulling her hairs.

It was 2 am, and unfortunately, I had to end it due to lack of time. I made her squeeze her boobs and fuck my dick hard. The dusky girl gave me a slutty hot titfuck and kissed my dick multiple times. Then I cummed on her tits and got her boobs filled all by my warm cum.

She took the cum with her fingers and gave me to suck and lick it back. I kissed her later and hugged her for some while before it was to turn emotional.

She dropped me later at the airport and wished me luck and success. Since then, we are in touch with each other, and I’m planning to somehow get to Deloitte Hyderabad to meet my babe.

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