Story of taking virginity of a young girl during Durga puja

Story of taking virginity of a young girl during Durga puja

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6,” good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc.

All my stories are real-life experiences, and this one is about a delightful Durga Puja. I hope you read my previous stories. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback, and I hope to get more.

Eli, Jenny, and I fucked the entire week. We three couldn’t keep our hands, mouths, and bodies off each other. At the end of the week, Eli left for her home. Jenny and I were to have alone time, and I was going to fuck this milf’s brains out.

But that did not happen. Her dad passed away. I helped her get a ticket to Thailand to fly home the next day. Since I had told at home that I’m going out of town with friends, I had to stay alone in their room. So I started to make plans for the next few days.

I thought I’ll maybe ask friends to come over for some drinks. I was taking a nap on the first day when the bell rang. I was conflicted about whether I should open the door or not. So, I looked through the peephole and saw the top of a girl’s head. I opened the door.

A sweet-looking girl was standing on the doorstep. I recognized her. She lived in the flat upstairs. The building was an old one, and there were only two flats in the building. The owners lived upstairs, and they had rented the floor below to the girls.

I had seen this girl while coming and going to the building. We had started passing smiles at each other. She sort of knew I was dating one of the girls. I was curious as to what she needed when spoke (in Bengali), “Can you help me, please? There is no electricity at home, but there is electricity everywhere.”

I understood it was a problem with the MCB. So I went, checked, and just flicked the MCB up as it had tripped, given that it’s an old house with old electricals. I noticed there was no one at home, so I asked her.

She said, “Dida and Dadu (Grandmother and Grandfather) cannot take the noise of the Durga Puja in the area, so they visit dada’s home in Delhi during this time.”

I asked, “So they left their granddaughter alone?”

She giggled and said, “I am not their actual granddaughter. I am a nurse for Dida. But now I take care of the house for them, as Dadu is also very old.”

It was a pleasant surprise for me. I asked her name

“Mili,” she replied.

“Sweet name, for a sweet girl. How old are you?” I asked.

“22,” she replied with a smile.

“Ok, I’ll be leaving then,” I said. She suddenly held my hand and said, “Wait, you helped me out, let me make some tea for you.” I was very enamored by this girl, but her touch sent an electric shock through. Her smile melted me. I sat down as she made tea.

The evening sun was shining through the kitchen window, and she looked like a freshly bloomed flower in an orchard. She brought me the tea and was standing. I asked her to sit, but she said, “I usually don’t sit on the sofa. I would feel odd to do that even if Dadu and Dida are not here.”

I felt extremely bad hearing this and realizing how bad class segregation is engraved in our minds. I told her, “Then you come to my room. Hopefully, you won’t feel odd there, and I’ll get the right company.” She seemed nervous but agreed.

There were a natural sweetness and innocence in her. The closest reference I can share about her look is that she looked like a young Valentina Nappi. She was 5′ tall and very petite. She was a Bengali girl and had studied some nursing in a rural college before taking up this job from an agency.

We stood at the dining table in Eli’s house and had tea. I noticed she was nervous and started the conversation.

Me- So what plans for the Puja?

Mili- No plans. I’ll just stay at home. They have given me enough money to get rations for 10 days.

Me- That is not right. Everyone will dress up, go out to see pandals, eat at restaurants, and stay out all night. You can’t stay at home.

I genuinely felt bad that she was going to be lonely during the festivities.

Mili- But I can’t. I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know this city much either.

Me- You know me now. So, no excuses. Go and get ready. I will take you out.

Mili was shocked. It was evident from her eyes that were not blinking and staring at me as if I had said something unbelievable. It was unbelievable to her.

Mili- No, no. How can I go out with you? Plus, I only have house clothes. I don’t have any festive clothes.

Her second sentence made me understand she wants to go out and have fun. But was hesitant. I had to make her feel comfortable.

Me- Look. I also don’t have any plans for the Puja now. So, don’t be so cruel and leave me alone. I will get bored without you.

Mili- But that foreigner Didi is here with you na?

I knew she knew I was fucking Jenny. Thankfully she was comfortable with it.

Me- Jenny’s dad passed away. I dropped her at the airport this morning, and now I will have to be lonely during Puja if you don’t agree.

Mili couldn’t stop herself from smiling but tried her best to control it. She very softly spoke

Mili – I don’t have any festive clothes. You wouldn’t like to be seen in public with someone so shabbily dressed.

More than that, I knew Mili would feel odd in crowds where everyone is heavily decked up. So, I made up my mind.

Me- Then let’s go. I shall get you some nice clothes.

Mili was surprised again, and her jaw dropped. She refused

Mili- No, no, how can I accept that?

Me- If you can make such lovely tea for me, then I can buy you some clothes too. This is not a discussion. Come, let’s go.

Mili was elated but acted like she had to refuse. I called a friend who worked in Fabindia at Quest Mall. I told Mili to lock the house upstairs and come down. I changed and waited in my car. She came slowly and was very coy. She sat in my car and didn’t know how to put on her seatbelt.

I reached over and tried buckling her in. My hand accidentally touched her boob. She gasped, and her eyes widened. I saw her reaction from my side-eye and decided to act as if nothing, so she didn’t feel awkward. But I could see the blush on her cheeks. This feeling was very new to her.

We reached Quest Mall in no time, and she was amazed to see the mall. She had never been to a mall. Her eyes sparkled at the glamour of it all. We took the elevator since I thought she might feel scared of riding the escalator and reached Fabindia. Shirin (my friend who I called) greeted us.

We had known each other from the party scene. As a custom, she hugged me and kissed my cheeks. I did too. Shirin hugged and kissed Mili too. Mili blushed again stayed quiet. Shirin noticed her blushing and pinched her cheek.

Shirin was a tall busty girl, with a big ass. She sort of modeled herself on the Kardashians. We had never fucked, but we’re great friends because I loved how awesome a drinking partner she was. I told Shirin to get Mili some clothes that suit her for this Puja.

Shirin got her juniors to help Mili pick something for herself. When Mili went to the trial room, Shirin asked her if the clothes fit well. Once she tried them, she stepped out to show me. My eyes sparkled, looking at Mili in a red kurta, and Shirin noticed it.

I told her to wear this now, so she went back to try the other kurtas she had picked. Shirin came and asked who this girl was and why my eyes were sparkling. I told her about dumping Mary, Eli’s affair, what the plan was with Jenny, and how I met Mili.

Shirin was amused and pinched my cheek, telling me to make her happy. I paid the bill, and we left. On the way out, Shirin pulled Mili aside and whispered something in her ear, and they made eye contact. Mili blushed again, and I realized I would not be going to get enough of Mili blushing.

Shirin instructed me to take her to the Mac Store, where her friend did some basic makeup on Mili. Mili looked ravishing now and nothing like what I had seen her in the morning. She looked delicious. We roamed around and saw some Puja Pandals till night.

Thankfully I had VIP passes else, Mili and I would have been crushed by the crowd. I was getting agitated at the guys staring at Mili but also elated. After roaming around, we were hungry, and I decided to take her to Chinatown.

Kolkata people know about the legendary waiting time for restaurants. But I spoke to a friend who helped arrange a table for two. Mili had never tasted Chinese food and was surprised at the taste of the roast duck, chili chicken, etc. She was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I asked her what Shirin had whispered into her ears. She giggled and said.

Mili- Those are girl talks. How can I tell you?

Me- Achha? You are now keeping secrets from me of my friends?

She saw a couple of drinks being served at the next table and was amused. I noticed and asked

Me- Have you ever had a drink?

Mili- No, no.

Me- Do you want to try?

Mili- No, no, how can I? I heard it’s very bitter.

I ordered a Vodka with Lime Cordial for both of us. She was wary but enjoyed it. She finished it quickly, surprisingly. I asked her to slow down, but she did something I hadn’t seen her do for the first time. She asked me for something.

Mili – Can I have another?

I ordered another for her, and now she had started talking.

Mili- Isn’t that foreigner didi older for you?

Me- How do you know I was with that older didi?

Mili- I know you were with Mary didi also.

I was surprised.

Me- How?

Mili- I used to sit on the balcony at night. I had seen you and Mary coming in late at night. I saw you making out under the building also once. You both were kissing each other very passionately. Something had started happening to me after that.

Me – What happened? (I asked teasingly)

Mili- I felt something tickle inside and as if something leaking.

Me- Leak, where?

Mili pointed downwards with her eyes and blushed again. I didn’t want her to get drunk more. I didn’t want to be taking advantage of her drunkenness. I asked for the bill, and we left. She kept the car window open and enjoyed the night breeze and the city lights. She was feeling alive.

When we reached our building, we were standing where she had seen me making out with Mary. She was looking at me longingly. But I thought it was due to the alcohol and that she shouldn’t think ill of me tomorrow when she was sober. We entered the building.

Her face was like she would cry if she had to go and stay alone this night. I saw that and invited her in. She became happy. I used Jenny’s makeup remover and cleaned her makeup. I made some coffee for her and made her sit.

Mili- Why are you making me drink Coffee after Vodka?

Me- So your drunkenness goes away.

Mili- I want to stay drunk.

I glared at her and went for a shower. She had drunk the coffee when I returned. She was staring at me in my towel. I went to change and had worn my boxer in the other room. Suddenly I felt Mili’s hands holding me from behind. I slowly removed them and spoke.

Me- Look, you are drunk. You may regret this tomorrow.

Mili- I had made up my mind much before I drank. Please don’t end this night like this. And the coffee has made me sober. I didn’t ask for anything but don’t end this night like this.

She had a longing in her eyes. I couldn’t say no to her now, even if she asked for the moon. I kissed her, and she took over. She kissed me and started smooching me and licking my neck, shoulder, and chest. I picked her up and took her to bed.

I started taking her red kurta off. For the first time, I saw her perky, soft, fair boobs in her boobs. She was going to take off her bra, but I unclasped it with one hand. Before she realized it, she was topless in front of me. She was naturally feeling shy, but when I kissed her, she surrendered.

I put her arms around my neck and started pulling her closer. I untied her pajama and slid it down. I slowly slid my hand in her panty, and when I touched her hairless pussy she gasped.

She bit my lip and started to hum and moan. She slid her hand down to my waist and started taking my boxer off. I helped her take it off. I started licking and sucking her boobs.

Mili- Oh, god. I was not expecting this would feel so good. Please don’t end this.

I was rubbing the outside of her pussy with my hand, and it was now moist.

Me- What do you want me to do with you tonight?

Mili- Do whatever you please. You’ve made me feel out of this world today. Please do what you please as I want to make you feel good too.

Me- I’m going to make you feel something you’ve never felt before.

Mili- Please do. I’m yours. I’m forever yours.

I went down, and she wasn’t expecting the pleasure of my tongue on her pussy. She let out a scream and gasped. She kept moaning as I kept licking her pussy. Her juices started leaking and gushing. I wasn’t about to let a single drop go to waste.

I kept licking, and her juices had made drenched my mouth, neck, shoulder, and were dripping to my chest. I knew there would be a wet spot when she would get up from where she was lying. I was squeezing her soft boobs. My fingers were leaving red marks where I squeezed her boobs.

I slowly discovered her clit and started licking it. She was not expecting a pleasure like that and started cumming. I could feel the force of her orgasm and her cum with full force in my mouth. She was still insatiable.

Mili- Please do it to me. I want to feel it the first time.

My dumbass who had been taking her to malls, Chinese restaurants, pandal hopping for her, I just realized that it would be her first time having sex. And this made me nervous. I had never fucked a virgin before. Especially someone so delicate and heavenly.

I was about to pour some massage oil on my dick. But Mili suddenly grabbed and started sucking it to my surprise. She was trying her best, and her soft lips and warm tongue were doing magic.

Me- Where did you learn to do that?

Mili- I had seen my friend’s elder sister fuck her boyfriend back home in the fields. I didn’t understand what any of it was till I saw you and Mary make out in the lane.

I just shut up and let her blow me for a while. I then made her lie down, put a pillow under her butt, and asked her to relax. I started licking her pussy again and was applying oil on my dick. I applied oil on her pussy, too, and I started to insert it.

I was hard, and my 6.5″ dick had flared up. I tried sliding my cock head inside. It was barely going in despite the oil and her wetness. I tried some more time slowly and steadily. Only the pink mushroom head of my dick went in after so long.

Mili’s eyes were closed. She was biting the bedsheet, so she wouldn’t scream, but she was braving the pain. I took my dick out once and started putting it in again. It was going to the same limit. So, I held her tight with my arms bracing her shoulder.

She was smart enough to hold me tight, too, and expected something to happen. I gave a hard push, and my dick entered another inch. I think she had now been able to take in 3.5 inches of my dick. She wanted to scream, but she bit down my shoulder and muffled herself.

I kept moving in and out very slowly to ease and accommodate her to the length and thickness of my dick. She was getting accommodated. Slowly our eyes met. She put her hand on my cheek and whispered.

Mili- Am I doing well?

Me- You are doing amazing?

Mili- I knew the first time would be painful. I’m ready for it. Just put your entire thing in. I will bear it for you, and we can do it better next time.

Her eyes gave me the courage, and I picked up the pace of me penetrating her as much as possible. She tried to keep eye contact with me as long as possible. But when I pushed it in completely with a hard stroke, her eyes popped wide, and she let out a loud scream.

She bit my shoulder again, held me tight, and dug her nails into my back. We stayed still. The room was quiet. The locality was quiet. We could hear some Puja music playing by loudspeaker mic in the distance, else there was silence. I could hear her paced breathing.

She still had her eyes closed. Her pussy was very tight, and couldn’t honestly judge if my dick had gone in fully. I stayed still for a while till hear breathing eased. Once she let go of me, I got up to have a look at her pussy. We had done it.

My dick was completely in her pussy. I was careful, though, not to move too much. I knew I had to keep it for some more time for Mili to get accommodated to my length and girth. So, I lay on top of her and started giving her small kisses on her cheek, neck, lips, eyes, forehead. She was finally feeling better.

It had been exhausting and painful for her, and I asked her if she wanted to break. She nodded. I slowly tried taking my dick out, but it was tightly clutched by her pussy. I wriggled it out, and when the head popped out, it hurt her again, and she convulsed.

Blood flowed out of her vagina, and the same had smeared my cock. I wiped both of us with wet-wipes. I hugged her, and we stayed like that for a while. I said I’ll make tea for her and make some Chamomile tea, which helps soothe nerves. She took the tea coyly and smiled at herself. I enquired.

Me- Are you ok? What’s with the smile?

Mili- Funny how we started with a teacup this morning and ended with another cup of tea tonight. My life changed at this time.

I went and kissed her forehead. I asked her to lie down and rest for a while. I checked the time, and it was around 3 am yet I didn’t feel tired. We cuddled for a while, and she started kissing me again. Suddenly she said

Mili – You wanted to know what Shirin didi told me?

Me- I thought it was girl talk

Mili- But now I’m a woman na!

Me- Oh, yes! You’re welcome.

She lightly slapped my chest and spoke.

Mili- She told me to do whatever my heart wanted and not think about tomorrow. To imagine that tonight is the last night of my life and not hold myself back.

Me- So she convinced you to fuck me?

Mili- I wanted you to be my first when I saw you passionately loving Mary didi. Shirin didi only spoke aloud what was in my heart. I knew you loved Eli didi too.

Me- How did you know that now? (I was surprised)

Mili- I had seen you come to the house on the days’ Mary didi was at work, and Eli didi was home alone. I knew there was something magical in your love that women wanted you and loved you.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know I was desired like this and was being watched. It turned me on greatly, and I started kissing her and squeezing her boobs. In no time, she was wet, and I was hard. This time she had more courage.

Mili- Don’t stop even if I scream. I am a woman now – your woman. I will please you like that. Fuck me like you fuck the other woman.

I was turned on by hearing this, and she was kissing neck, shoulder, and face, which added fuel to the fire. I started fingering her, and only one finger was going in. I fingered her enough to make her pussy wet enough. I applied oil on dick again because her pussy would still be tight.

I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and started sliding my dick in. She was biting her lips so she doesn’t scream again. I went slowly and started penetrating her inch by inch. It took about 5 minutes for me to put 4 inches in. She knew what was going to happen now and prepared herself.

I gave a long hard stroke and pushed my dick completely in. She screamed as if I had stabbed her pussy and rightly so. We stayed still for some time, and I started moving my dick in and out very slowly. I looked at her eyes to check her comfort.

She nodded and whispered, “I’m ready, do it.”

I started increasing my thrusts, and she was in pain at first. After 10 minutes of bearing pain, she started enjoying it and started moaning in my ear. She was biting my shoulder, ear, and kissing them.

After another 10-15 minutes, she was about to have her first orgasm through intercourse. When she realized it, she smooched me and held me very tight. When she started to cum, it felt like two or three hands had grabbed my dick tight and started squeezing it.

I had not felt a woman orgasming like this before. I could feel her juice splash on my head of dick and trickle right through the length of it, tickling it. It was too much for me, and I also started cumming in her. She also started feeling me ejaculating in her tight hot pussy, and she gasped.

Her back arched backward, fingers folded, legs wrapped around my waist, eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her mouth opened, letting out a loud gasp as she finally orgasmed. She had never imagined or felt such ecstasy. She felt complete. I felt accomplished, I just grabbed her tight in my arms, and we both passed out.

It was the greatest five days of our lives. We went out every day. She cooked delicious food for me. We ate ice-cream off each other. We bathed together and stayed naked most of the time. We hardly ever stayed apart without touching each other. We fucked in every corner of both houses.

We fucked on the rooftop too till dawn and watched the sunrise together. Our departure, however, was sudden and heartbreaking. I still miss her and would like to have her in my arms again. But life moved on for me, and I hope she is happy wherever she is.

I know this story was extremely long, but it was heartfelt. If anyone wants to send me feedback or call me an idiot for writing such a long story, write to me at [email protected] Also, don’t ask me for the contact details of the girls in my stories.

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