Submissive slave’s story as written to the master

Submissive slave’s story as written to the master

Hi, Sonu here. This is my second story on this platform. You know, guys, it’s very interesting to share My BDSM experiences and thoughts. Few people think BDSM is harassment, but it’s not. For me, BDSM is not just sexing. It’s built on the truth and care of your submissive slave.

In this story, I will share how my submissive set up her own trap to be being used so badly and without any escape option. She is a very brat and disobedient girl, and she knows she needed a strict master. She is a horny slut. All was dripping in her panties like a bad girl.

No matter where she is, I like to keep her under my control and make her very needy for use. I love to humiliate and use her on my willing. We meet on some online BDSM platform. It’s been a month I was using her and giving tasks. And she is doing it very obediently.

I fuck her very badly, and I did many bondages on her slut body. Till now, I did cross and forced her boundaries in the last 30 days. We are doing an online chat. She is addicted to my BDSM tasks given to her. But I didn’t see her pic till now because she is not comfortable with it.

Then one day, I got the mail, and the subject says, “It’s a prank. I hope you will not take any advantage of this mail.” I opened the mail.

To: sonu_dom
I am sending you this email and attached my complete nude pics. You can see my slut face in this. I tied my tits the way you like to see me because I have a big favor to ask from you. I hope you will keep the contents of this email and the photos secret and never share them with anyone.

If you do this, I am willing to offer you something in return that I think you will find a satisfactory exchange for your confidence. If you were to share the photos with anyone, it would ruin me. I would have to quit and move out of the area to get away from the humiliation and use.

So I hope you understand I am putting a lot of trust in you. In return, as long as you follow some basic principles, I am willing to be your sex slave indefinitely.

Firstly the rules – I am not really in any position to make any demands after this mail.

But it is important that nothing you do to me or make me do put me in a situation where the consequences are worse than having these pictures of me shared around. For example, there is no point in asking me to strip naked at work and in public places in front of everyone.

Because if I did that, I would be just as ruined as if I quit and started a new life. So, basically, as long as this whole thing is kept between you me, you have full control over me. No matter, however you want, I will be your servant.

Obviously, if my life is put in danger or any permanent damage. Or I am left with visible marks that I couldn’t explain at work and family. Or if there is a chance I’ll end up in prison from the things you make me do, I’m also going to say no. Even if I have to start a new life and you’ll lose this opportunity.

I think you can still have a lot of fun with me while following these principles. I have a few suggestions for things you might enjoy doing with me. Just to get your creativity going. You could discreetly meet me wherever you want if no-one is around.

You could order me to suck your cock. I think this is something you could enjoy regularly. You can always have me over to fulfill any of your fantasies about me. I know you enjoy tying me up, spanking me, whipping my tits and pussy. In fact, I will be begging you to use me more as you will.

Because I’m a horny shameless bitch, and I like to obey you. Now I revealed myself nude to you, so If I disobey you, I know you will take full advantage of my pics. I know you will enjoy it, humiliating me and making me helpless every day. Putting weights to my nipples, and make me clean your house while naked.

While working at home, I will be sucking you every time without disturbing you and doing all house chores in the nude without any shame. I think if I do a bad job, I’ll deserve some punishment. All these services you will get if ok with the deal.

Sending me to work in tied tits and alone place making me walk in stripped tits on roads, with the risk of being caught. Each night makes me suck you and swallow you cum. It will be nice waiting for you at the door naked and clean your shoes.

These thoughts are making me wet. While I’m typing this email, I was touching my wet cunt and in tied tits. I’m sure you’ll think of other ways to use and humiliate me badly. But you get the idea of what I want. I want to stay helpless and fully under control like slut toy.

Anyway, I am almost certainly going to beg and plead with you to just delete the pictures and forget any of this stuff. I’ll tell you it was just a prank that I took too far. Or that someone else is making me do this, and it’s not what I want. Don’t fall for any of this.

Deep down, I really want this, and that’s why I sent you this email. I really hope you will take full advantage of this situation, and I look forward to serving you and obey you.

Your slave,

After reading the mail, I was surprised after seeing her nude and sluts pics. Her tits were tied at all over the body. She had written all abusing words. On her forehead, she had written ‘Slut,’ above tits’ Whore,’ and stomach, ‘Cum slut, Slave, Servant of Sonu.

I replied back.

Hi slave,

You are thinking I will be calling you by name. You are my slave now you agreed and risked your life being my slave. How long you are obedient and serving me. Your life will not come under danger. I want you to meet me today evening in the nearby park.

Make sure you come to me in tied tits and without a bra and let’s discuss this at the place.

I will share the next part soon. I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you like to share your feedback, drop me a message on kik ID: SONU_DOM.

It’s not happened in real life, but it’s just my thought.

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