Teasing Telugu neighbour aunty gets pounded by young dick – Hot story

Teasing Telugu neighbour aunty gets pounded by young dick – Hot story

Hi, my name is Prashanth and I am from the heritage city of Mysore. I am a 25 year old guy with a very strong sex drive and I find sex to be rejuvenating and the best form of relaxation.

I reside in an apartment – not an upscale one but a comfortable one and you could say quite luxurious. Most people who reside here are either government employees or employees who are working in Mysore in various sectors like, banks or insurance and other private or government offices.

I work in the private sector in the marketing department. I moved back to Mysore after completing my MBA at a prestigious college in Bangalore. I had my flings in college and a couple of sexual encounters too.

After coming back to Mysore, I was concentrating on my career and didn’t give much attention to the opposite sex.

One day, as I was exiting the apartment gate. On my way to work, I saw a lady arguing with an auto driver outside the gate. This was the first time I had seen her. She was very much a south Indian of medium height and was very slim. She was in a cotton saree and a matching blouse.

As I passed the auto, I could hear the lady speaking Kannada in a very strange accent, a mix of Telugu and Kannada, you could say more of Telugu. I didn’t care much and went away as I wanted to reach the office before my boss.

I forgot about the lady and one day after a couple of days, I saw the lady again and guess where two flats away from ours. She was in a light blue nighty and she was having a school bag on her shoulders and was waiting at the door shouting in Telugu to someone.

Within a few minutes, two kids came running out of the house in their school uniform. My Telugu neighbout aunty and her family ran towards the lift and since I was also on my way to the office, I also ran towards the lift. After they entered, I entered.

The kids were standing at the corner, aunty near the switch panel, and I next to her at a distance. I smiled at the kids and asked, “Which School?” They replied. I said, “I also studied in the same school.”

The kids looked at each other and then at their mother. The mother smiled at the kids and then at me. As the lift was descending to the ground floor, I closely observed the south Indian aunty. Her light blue nighty was a little old and I could clearly see her black bra straps.

I slightly put my head down and observed her ass too. Compared to the rest of the body, her ass was a little big, not width-wise but it was protruding nicely. I could see that her yellow petticoat was longer than the nighty. I could see it outside resting just above her shapely toes.

The sight of a petticoat resting on well-shaped toes and a silver toe-ring gave me an instant boner! I had not had a woman for many months, in fact, I never thought about it after joining work. But, now the devil inside me had risen its head again.

The basement arrived and as the Telugu aunty was lifting the school bags, she slightly moved backward, and to add to my already aching tool, her ass touched my hand which was holding my laptop bag! It was an awesome feeling. The ass was a little hard and the moment it touched my hand, I felt like pressing a sofa seat.

Aunty and her children ran towards the gate as the school van had arrived. I went to the office and on the way, thoughts started reoccurring about the encounter in the lift.

In the next couple of days, I didn’t see her. On the weekend, I was leaving home to go for a walk when I saw aunty at her doorstep. She was bending towards her door and drawing rangoli in front of the house. She was as usual in her nighty but this time, the color was different. It was a yellow one.

As the south Indian aunty had bent, I could clearly see the shape of her ass. What caught my eyes was the V-shape that was formed because of her pantie. I could clearly see the V shape formed and it sent me into a tizzy. I could not help but keep staring at her ass. Luckily, she was facing the door or else she would have caught me staring.

The image of her pantie kept coming back to me and haunting me with a boner.

A couple of days later, I returned home from work and when I entered home, I was surprised to see the aunty sitting with my mom. My mom introduced me to her saying that she was Mrs. Anjana Naidu. She had moved in with her family a few days ago. I then realized that when I had gone to Bangalore for office work, the family had moved in.

Her husband worked as a manager in a bank and was transferred here from Chitradurga. I said hello and sat down on the opposite sofa.

While I was removing my shoes, I observed aunty. She was in a white churidar. Obviously, my eyes searched for things of my interest! Her boobs were not big. It was around 32, surprisingly small for a woman of her age with two kids.

Since it was a white chudi, in order to conceal the bra, she had worn a slip that usually young girls wear or women wear when they wear transparent dresses.

I got up and went to my room with a boner obviously. This aunty had stolen my sleep.

After a couple of days, I was returning from the office when I met the Telugu aunty near the lift. She smiled at me and asked me how I was and also said that her son needed help with his 7th standard maths and asked me if I knew someone who could teach him maths.

I told aunty that I don’t know anyone but I can teach but not as tuition but whenever I had time, I could teach him. Aunty was happy and asked if I can look into the syllabus. I said fine and told aunty that I would freshen up and then do it.

After around half an hour, aunty came home with her son. Mom invited her inside and called out my name. I came out and was excited to see my neighbour aunty. She gave me the textbook and as I was looking into the syllabus, she was talking to my mom complaining about how the syllabus had become tough nowadays.

I went through it and told Prathik, her son that I can teach him on Wednesdays and Fridays. Both mother and son were visibly happy. As they were leaving, I asked for the book again to mark some questions for him to solve before coming to the class. I marked some questions and started showing south Indian aunty the questions.

I was holding the book in my left hand and was pointing to the questions with my right index finger and the aunty in order to have a clear look at it, came so close that my right hand was touching her left boob now! It was an amazing feeling!! I felt I was in heaven.

The softness of her boob made me mad. It was small but very soft. As I was readjusting the hold on the book, I further pressed into her boob and there was absolutely no reaction from aunty! I was sad because I could not see any reaction. I thought it was a futile attempt to seduce this married woman. (but it was not to be as there was a surprise after a few days!)

That Friday evening, I took the tuition class and aunty was very happy. The next day as it was a second Saturday, I had an off and I was going out to meet friends when I met aunty and her husband near the lift. We all got into the lift together and aunty was standing behind her husband and I behind her.

I could not resist and as I was holding my hands in front of me on the crotch, I moved little forward. I could now touch aunt’s ass a little and what happened was unexpected. The Telugu aunty pushed herself a little back and what was a slight touch was now a deep press of her ass! I was in an ecstatic mood.

I held on till we reached the basement. Touching aunty’s ass behind her husband’s back was euphoric. I now knew this south Indian aunty also had interest in me. I had always heard that women in late 30s were always horny and at the peak of sexual urges. Was it true? Yes, it proved to be true in this case.

A few days later, I was at aunty’s house teaching as there were guests at my home. After the class, I was sitting on the sofa and aunty offered to get coffee.

She brought coffee and placed it on the table. As she bent, the neck portion of her nighty spread giving me a clear view of her tiny snoopies covered in a cream color bra. The cleavage was awesome and I could see the mangalsutra chain resting against the bra edges. It was really a torture for my tool.

I would have jumped on her then and there but better sense prevailed. I drank coffee and ran from there. When I got up to leave, there was a huge tent in my shorts and aunty noticed it and there was a cunning smile on her face.

Saturday and Sunday I avoided her due to the embarrassment that I went through on Friday. The next Wednesday, after class, aunty came home to give a sweet dish she had prepared. I was alone at home.

Pratik finished class and ran out to meet his friends. Aunty asked where my mom was and I told her she had gone out.

Aunty said she came to give the sweet dish. She said she will keep it in the kitchen. I followed her and as she was looking for a vessel to empty it into, I ran to help her.

She was standing at the counter looking for one. I went behind her and in the guise of removing a vessel from the shelf, I went and stretched myself to remove one from the shelf and pressed myself on her!

My tool was pressing her ass as I took one out. She could feel my hardness pressed against her.

I gave her the vessel and as she was emptying it, I don’t know where I got the courage from, suddenly, I grabbed my Telugu neighbout aunty’s ass and pressed it hard. I could feel the ass and the panty-line. I held it for some time and then ran back to the drawing room.

Aunty came to the drawing room and she had a smile on her face. I was sitting on the sofa pretending to watch TV.

She came and sat next to me and gently hit me on my thighs and said, “I should ask your mom to find a wife for you.” I smiled at her and asked why? She simply smiled and said, “Because you can’t control your urges” and pointed towards my tent.

I just put my head down and said, sorry. She said, “Ohh, now you feel sorry?” I didn’t know how to reply.

She held my hand and squeezed it gently. She got up and as she was leaving, she asked, “Can you apply for leave tomorrow?” I asked, why. She simply said, “I will give you some training tomorrow” and rushed out.

There was no way I would reject such an offer. I sent a message to my boss asking for a sick leave. I could not sleep the whole night. I must have shagged 4 times that night.

The next morning after my parents left home for work, I got ready. I shaved, wore my best t-shirt and a nice shorts and was walking in the corridor waiting for a signal.

At around 12 pm, my neighbour aunty came out in her blue nighty to water the Tulasi plant outside. She looked at me and smiled and asked, “Are you on leave?” I just nodded. She asked why and went inside. I was confused. I was not someone who would fall to this game.

I went inside her house and said I have a training today. She looked at me and asked, “Oh, what training?” with a smile.

I didn’t say anything but went and held her hand and pulled her towards me. The sexy Telugu aunty fell on me and her boobs crushed on my chest. I grabbed her ass cheeks and started pressing them hard. I then moved my hand to her right boob and pressed hard.

She said, “Yeno idhu training andhe idhu antha helidna?” (What is this?)

I said, “Training.”

“But did I say this?”

I was in no mood to reply. I put my lips on her juicy lips and gave a deep kiss! She said, “Iru bagilu haakthini.” (Wait, I will lock the door.)

She locked the door and started walking towards the kitchen. I ran behind her and held her hand and started pushing her towards the room.

Once inside the room, I held her waist and again kissed her. I made her sit on the bed and hugged her. Then I put my hand on her nighty’s zip and pulled it down. I could now see her lovely boobs hidden inside her black bra.

I inserted my hand inside the aunty’s bra and started squeezing it. I tweaked her nipples and put my lips on her neck and bit her there once. She moaned, “Aahh, kachbedvo.” (Don’t bite.)

I then put my hand on the hem of her nighty and started pulling it up. She lifted her ass and helped me remove it. Now my angel was sitting in her bra and petticoat

The mangalsutra chain was dangling left to right. I made her lie down and pulled the knot of her petticoat. I pulled it down all the way and removed it completely. She was now in bra and a blue pantie with white dots.

I removed my t-shirt and shorts and was only in my jockey now. I leaned forward and bit the south Indian neighbour aunty’s lips. I inserted my hand back and unclasped the bra and removed it completely.

I could not control any longer. I put my mouth on her boobs and started sucking her tits vigorously.

I kept sucking and biting and in between, I just rolled my tongue on the nipples. She held my head and pulled it towards her boobs. She simply said, “Yeh kalla madalu maadidya?” “Yaari ge?” (Hey, have you done this before? To whom did you do it?”

I didn’t say anything but put my hand inside aunty’s panty and started rubbing her cunt. It was clean shaved. I inserted a finger in her cunt and twisted my finger. She simply moaned and said, “Beda kano!” (Hey, don’t do that.)

I wasn’t listening to anything she was saying. I went down and pulled her pantie till her knees and put my mouth on her vaginal hole. I bit the vaginal lips once and again put my finger inside her. “Ahhhh” the horny south Indian lady moaned.

I then pulled the panty completely down and threw it on the floor. Now my beautiful angel was sleeping stark naked on the bed! I turned her around and marvelled at her ass. I started squeezing her ass and also bit her ass cheek once.

“Heyy kachbedvo.” (Hey, don’t bite there!) she said.

I then got up to remove my underwear and by then, she had turned back and was sleeping on her back. I held my dick in the hand and went and put both my knees on either side of her waist. She grabbed my dick in her hand and said, “Good channaagidhe.” (Good, it’s nice.)

I asked her, “Hakla olage?” (Shall I put it in”) She said, “Mmm.”

I brought my dick near her pussy entrance and started rubbing. She laughingly said, “Maado keralasabeda.” (Do it, don’t tease.)

I pushed my dick in and could feel my foreskin going back. I started pushing it hard holding her shoulders for grip. She started pressing my back and also kissed my cheeks once. I slowed down a bit and that’s when she said, “Joraagi maado” (do it fast) in a loud husky voice.

I increased the pace and started humping with vigour. I rubbed my leg on her legs and my skin near my ankle was hurt because of her anklets. I then put my hands behind and holding her back, I started my final assault. After a few strokes, I reached an orgasm and unloaded loads of cum in my Telugu aunty’s wet pussy.

Then I just laid on her breathing heavily. After a couple of minutes, I pulled out and slept beside her.

I said aunty, “Olage bitbitte parvaagilva?” (I came inside, is it okay?)

She said, “Operation aagidhyo” (I have undergone the operation.)

I heaved a sigh of relief and turned and hugged her and kissed her cheeks.

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