The Lockdown Begins With Banging From A Delivery Guy!

The Lockdown Begins With Banging From A Delivery Guy!

The lockdown is starting from today in the evening! The announcement was sudden, so I was packing my stuff from morning to leave for home. I temporarily stay at an apartment alone in North Kolkata near the Airport area. It is convenient for me to travel to and fro from office.

I didn’t have enough time to pack my stuff and also to cook food. So, I ordered something from Zomato. In the meantime, I was busy getting my essentials ready and packed, clothes, documents, electronic gadgets, etc.

I am staying on the ground floor there is the main door and also a back door. I locked up the place, windows, back door, and everything. The only thing left was the front door. Obviously will do that while leaving.

I was kind of rushing to leave ASAP. After my packing was done, I went to take a shower. In the midway of my shower, the doorbell rang.

Ah! What a time for the food to arrive. I hurriedly wrapped myself in a towel, came out, and went to collect the food. I opened the door, the delivery guy was standing there with the order and the bill.

He was about to hand me the food when he saw a guy completely wet from head to toe, wrapped in a towel. I was glowing in the light because of being soaked in water. The towel got stuck to my body, my legs, and ass, which were completely visible.

The delivery guy understood I was in the middle of my shower. He offered to keep the food on the dining table, so it won’t get wet. I agreed and let him do the same. He entered and kept staring at me while slowly pacing towards the table. The order was in COD mode. He handed me the bill.

I went to the next room to fetch money. As I was going, I could feel his stare directly at my ass from behind. I thought of teasing the guy. As I went to fetch the wallet, I bent down and stayed like that for some time to give him a good view.

I peeked through the corner of my eye, I could see him rubbing his dick over his pants. I didn’t have any intention of sex as I needed to leave. The travel time to my home from there is 2 hours approximately. So, I took the money and went back.

Now walking towards him, I could see his dick was hard inside his pants directly without needing to peep. I went up to him and handed him the cash. While collecting the cash, he gently rubbed his fingers over my hands. I understood the signal, yet didn’t react.

He took the cash, counted it, and said:

Delivery guy – Sir, you gave an extra amount.

I checked and said, “It’s the correct amount, as mentioned in the bill.”

Delivery guy – Sir, there is a discount.

I – What discount?

Delivery guy – Sir special offer discount of 50% from me.

Saying this, he grabbed me and pulled me towards him.

Delivery guy – It’s a very good discount sir of 7-inch. Would you like to have it here or in the bedroom?

I – What if I say no?

Delivery guy – Think about it sir, this discount is quite juicy

While saying this, he started pressing and pinching my ass with one hand. His other hand pulled my towel and threw it away. Now, I was naked and soaked while he was playing with my ass and waist.

Delivery guy – Sir, you are very sexy and slim.

He then started to lick my ears and neck, while occasionally kissing and biting them. Though I initially didn’t have any intention of sex. I started to enjoy his actions slowly. He saw that I was enjoying and not resisting.

So, he pulled me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.  He carried me as if I had no weight. Let me mention, I am 5’11 and weigh about 73kgs. I am quite tall though light, according to my height.

After reaching the bedroom, he laid me on the bed and started stripping down. He got naked, climbed on the bed, got on top of me.

Delivery guy – Sir, I can’t spare much time. I have other deliveries to complete too. However, 30-40 minutes of discount should help us both. What do you say, sir?

I – Ok, I don’t have much time either. I will also have to leave soon.

The delivery guy was about 5’6/5’7 in height and very muscular. Definitely had a great physique, and I like muscular guys. So it was a good treat. He jumped on me, started by kissing my lips. We kissed for a while. Then he went down and started to kiss and lick my neck, shoulder, chest, and nipples alternatively.

I liked his soft touches on my skin as it was turning me on. He was a big guy, but very gentle. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held onto his hair while enjoying his gentle touches. He licked all over from neck to shoulders to nipples and went down to my navel.

He kissed and licked around it, which turned me on a lot. After enjoying around 10 minutes, he lay down, and I got on top of him in 69 position. I started to suck him, and he started playing with my ass. He fingered and licked my hole, bit my bum. He ate my ass like anything as his saliva was all over my bum.

After that, he got up and took charge of me in the doggy style from behind. He slowly inserted, and after a few slow and long thrusts started to increase the pace. After 5 minutes of fucking and spanking me, we changed to a cowboy position. He held onto my waist and started hitting from below.

I was jumping on him and enjoying his thick cock inside me. Then he got up and made me sit on his lap facing him. He kept fucking from below and started to play with my nipples with one hand and my ass with the other, all the while kept kissing me.

After 10 minutes, he was about to cum and held me tightly. He increased his speed three times the normal speed. Getting fucked at that speed, I enjoyed and moaned in his ear, holding him. He cummed with a burst inside my ass. We rested a little after that intense fucking.

Then he again carried me to the bathroom. Turned on the shower and told me to suck him. He stood facing the wall, the shower was on the opposite wall. I bent down and started to suck him. The water was falling on both of us. It was a bit difficult to suck him as it was difficult to breathe because of the water.

However, I tried to manage it. Within 2 minutes, he was hard again in my mouth. I sucked him for around 3-4 minutes, then he pulled me up.

Delivery guy: Sir, you were bathing when I arrived. Now, I helped you to complete it after getting interrupted earlier.

Saying that he turned me towards him. He started to kiss and held one of my legs up in the air and started to insert his dick. I kept my balance with one leg on the ground and held onto his broad shoulders with both my arms. He inserted and started thrusting fast.

After a minute or so, he held my other leg and pulled me up. Now I was in the air, with both legs around his waist and both arms around his shoulders. A short guy pulled me up in the air and was fucking me fast.

We were under the shower. It was a very exciting moment with a new experience. He fucked me like that around 5-6 minutes then put me down. He turned me around and entered from behind and again fucked me for another 5 minutes and cummed inside my ass.

After that, we dried came out, and he left. I had enjoyed it. Next was lunch, then left for home after booking an Ola cab. That was a small encounter yet a very exciting one.


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