Took The Virginity Of My College Friend! – Indian Sex Stories

Took The Virginity Of My College Friend! – Indian Sex Stories

Hello guys, my name is Aakash (of course name changed) from Ahmedabad. I am a regular reader of the site, and so I thought of writing my own experience. So pardon for my mistakes. This story happened when I was in my 1st year of college. It was with a college friend of mine.

Telling about myself, I am 6.1 ft tall. On a skinny side and have a 7 inch size tool. I’m an average handsome guy. As I play football regularly, I have a ripped body with 6 pack abs.

So this story is about my good friend Tara (name changed). She was my classmate in the 1st of engineering. Now let me describe her. She had a figure of 34-30-36 and is 5’6 of height. She had an hourglass perfect body.

Yes, as you guys can imagine, she has a great body, especially the ass. Every guy can die for that ass. It was so big and round in shape.

Now the story starts during the 1st semester. We didn’t talk at all – just some looks and hi-hello. But I was a fan of her ass. Also, I was in a relationship (another story). And so was she.

But everything changed during the 2nd semester. Somehow we became good friends (thanks to our common friends). Also, due to the fests, programs in our college, we started hanging out and got to know each other.

Then the main story began. She started following me on Instagram, and I also started following her then. Then our conversation started growing.

Tara: – So how is your girlfriend doing?

Me: – How did you know I have a girlfriend?

She: – Xyz (our common friend) told me.

Me: – I broke up with her 2 months back.

Tara: – Oh! That’s sad! (feeling happy inside)

Me: – Are you single?

Tara: – I too recently broke up.

Me (controlling my feelings): – Oh, okay.

The next day her attitude changed. She started touching my body now and then. First, I thought it was by mistake. But later, I understood. Now one day, all our friends went home. Only I and she were left in the college. We were walking towards the college gate.

Suddenly, she took my hand and dragged me to a bench on our campus. Also, the sun was down, so there was not much light. She looked lustfully in my eyes. I, too, made eye contact with her. And slowly, we became closer and closer, and our breath started getting aroused.

And finally, our lips met for the first time. It was like heaven. Her lips for so smooth and had strawberry flavor lipstick. It was like rain in the drought (after my breakup). I took her in my lap and pressed her ass tightly. We were so much deep in the kiss. Our tongues were fighting, and saliva dripping off.

We forgot that we are in the college campus. Suddenly, the watchman started whistling to empty the campus. We got back to our senses. We came out of college. We haven’t talked a word. She went to her home. And I went to the hostel.

I was unable to sleep that night and masturbated 3-4 times. Because I couldn’t believe that I pressed that great ass. Also, she didn’t text me a  word that night. The next day when I reached the classroom, I was a little late. There was no place to sit except beside her and one other place.

To tease her, I didn’t sit next to her. Later in the canteen, she asked, “Would you help me with the assignment?” I said, yes. She asked me to come to her home later that night. When I reached her home, her mother opened the door. Her mother knew that I was coming for an assignment that night.

She took me to her room. We completed our assignment, and by then, it was around 12 at night. I asked her if I can leave. She said its too late you can stay here. I knew where it was all going. Suddenly, she asked, “Will you help me breaking my virginity?”

I was shocked and happy at the same time. Before I could answer, she just started kissing me deeply. We were standing. As she is shorter than me, I took her in my arms and pinned her against the wall. I was kissing every inch of her body – her neck, her ears, everything.

She was caressing my hair and moving my head towards her boobs. She had worn a red t-shirt and black tracks. Her ass was so fitting in those pants. I was going to tear her t-shirt, but she stopped me. We removed each other’s clothes, and I guided her to give a blowjob. She was great at it.

She had seen in porn films. I was on cloud nine and when I was about to come. I stopped her. Then I removed her black panty. And she started moaning hard. As her mother was sleeping in the next room. I closed her mouth by putting her panty in it. She cum like a river. It went for a long time.

I took some, and the rest went to bedsheet. Then I said, “Oh baby, you have a great pussy. I’m honored to take your virginity.” Then I asked for the condoms. She said she doesn’t have. Then I told are you okay with it. She said, “Shut up and fuck me hard.” She was so much in pleasure.

Then I kept my dick through the starting point of her pussy. I gave it a one-shot. It didn’t go inside. She was screaming so I kissed her to close her mouth. She stopped. In the second try, almost half went through it. Now I was able to see some blood too.

When she was okay and in the final shot my whole dick went inside her pussy. She was in great pain. I took some time and stayed as it is. And finally, I started stroking her hard in missionary position. Also, I was sucking her boobs. She just had her 2nd orgasm.

I switched to doggy style to have an amazing view of her ass. I started fucking her. She was now enjoying it and moaning. I fucked her for almost 35 minutes and cum inside her. She had cum twice during this time. I felt her body and started kissing.

Then we had another round in the kitchen which was risky because her mother can come out anytime. I went to the hostel at 6 am and slept. Both of us didn’t attend college the next day.

Then finally, we were friends with benefits. We fucked in every position. Also, in college, in my hostel. Once her mother almost caught us. I also took her anal virginity (next story).


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