Trying To Seduce Anita – Indian Sex Stories

Trying To Seduce Anita – Indian Sex Stories

Previous Part: Meeting Madhu’s Hot Cousin

Madhu: Ani, speak out the truth without hiding anything. Are you getting satisfied by Kumar? How is your sex life with him?

Anita: (With a dull face, again tears started rolling out from her eyes) Madhu, to say frankly, Kumar is a very good person, and he really cares for me. But, his performance in bed is very poor.

Anita: He hardly fucks me, for once or twice in a month. Without doing any foreplay, he undresses, inserts his dick in my pussy, and will cum within two minutes.

Madhu: Then, why don’t you explain to him? That you are sex-deprived and dying for his touch. Make him understand that sex is not just a two or three minutes game.

Anita: No, Madhu, I had explained all my problems to him clearly. But he is not ready to accept that his performance is very poor. Kumar’s sperm count is too low to make me pregnant with his child.

Madhu: Sorry, my dear sister, I am feeling pity, looking at your situation. But trust me, I will try my best to make you happy till you stay here.

Anita: Thank you, very much Madhu. I am feeling very light after sharing my problem with you.

Madhu switched off the lights, and they both went to bed. I, too, went to the penthouse and rested on my bed. I, too, felt pity for Anita. So, I decided to seduce her and make love with her.

The next day, I went to my office and returned in the evening. By then, Kumar has left for his native, and Madhu is at her boutique. Anita is alone at the bungalow.

Madhu daily returns from the boutique after 8:00 PM. So, I still have Meeting Madhu’s Hot Cousin 3 hours to make my moves. I changed into shorts and came to the balcony. I was busy thinking about how to take the initiation.

Then, someone tapped on my shoulders from behind. I turned back to see, Who it was? Yes, it is Anita. She was wearing a pink salwar. She was looking damn sexy in that dress. Anita is looking very cute, with a light smile on her face.

Anita: Hi Prince, sorry if I had disturbed you. I am very bored. I am alone since morning. So, I thought to have a chat with you.

Me: Hi, Anita. No problem. I, too, am feeling bored. I was thinking of desi kahani sex stories coming downstairs. But, you had made a move before me.

We started our conversation. I got to know all the likes and dislikes of Anita. She is very talkative and not giving me a second to reply to any answer. I really liked her easy go nature. I waited for my turn and explained to her about me. We both got to know each other very well.

I was looking at her cleavage near her boobs during our whole conversation, where the dupatta is not covered. She noticed me while I was scanning her. So, Anita adjusted her dupatta, with a little shy on her face. I, too, came to senses and behaved like it was accidental.

We both don’t know when the time had passed by? It was already 8:00 PM, and Anita will return at any second. So, Anita bid me ‘Bye’ and went downstairs. Madhu has returned from the boutique.

At 9:00 PM, I went downstairs to have dinner. We three sat at the dining table, and Madhu started to behave like a house owner with me. I was dying to touch Madhu and badly wanted to converse with her.

Anita looked at my condition and said, “Madhu, enough sister. Don’t tease my brother in law further. Please tell him that I know the truth and behave like his wife.”

I know Anita knows our secret. But I gave a shocking reaction like I don’t know anything. Madhu looked at me with a naughty smile on her face and said, “Don’t worry, she knows everything about us.”

Me: (With a smile) So, my Sali (Sister in law) knows everything but teasing her brother in law (me). It is very bad.

Anita: Don’t worry, sweet jijaji (brother in law). I have the right to tease you and don’t worry, this secret will be only between us.

Me: (Trampled her leg under the dining table) Thank you, Ani, you are so sweet (I winked at her).

Anita got shocked by my behavior and changed the topic to get out of that embarrassing situation. We completed the dinner. I was about to leave for the penthouse, but Anita stopped me.

Anita: Prince, no need to go upstairs. You can stay with Madhu in her room.

Me: No, Anita, I am fine. It is not right to stay with her in your presence. I will manage it.

Anita: Please, I insist, you two don’t maintain distance, that too for me. I am alright, and I don’t have any problem.

Anita convinced me to stay with Madhu in her room. We both agreed and went to our room for sleep, and Anita went to her room to rest. Madhu explained all the things about Anita to me that she had told her.

Madhu and I decided not to have sex until Anita is staying with us. So, she doesn’t get upset looking at our closeness.

A week passed by, both Madhu and I were sleeping on the same bed in her room, but I did not touch her. By then, it is almost 8 to 9 days. Still, I did not have sex, and I was craving to have sex with Madhu.

The next day, after returning from the office, I placed my bag on the couch and searched for Anita. But, she is not anywhere inside the bungalow. I went to our room. The door has been kept open. So, I directly went inside the room.

Oh, my God! My eyes did not believe what I was seeing. Anita had taken a head bath and came out from the bathroom just a few seconds before. She was facing the opposite direction, so Anita did not notice me.

She was tying a towel, to her head, for the absorption of water. She was wearing a petticoat and standing half nude in front of me. I was scanning her bareback. The water droplets dipping on her fair body, making her sexier.

Suddenly, a criminal idea flashed in my mind. I thought this is the right time to execute my evil plan. I slowly went behind her and hugged her tightly from the back. I suppressed her mouth, with my left hand, to not utter a single word.

Me: Don’t shout, Madhu, it’s me. Anita is in the next room. She will get disturbed and comes here if you shout. It’s been 10 days since I had sex with you. (I poked my dick in her ass). See, my dick is dying to enter inside your glory hole.

Umm, Umm!! Anita is trying to get free from my hug to tell me that she was not Madhu. But, I hugged more tightly and pressed her right boob hardly. She moaned softly. I knew this is my moment.

I placed my lips on her neck and started smooching her bareback. I bit her on the back, she moaned loudly. Haaaa! But her moan was not audible, as I was suppressing her mouth. While smooching, I was playing with her boobs. I was licking her back and slowly removed my hand from her mouth.

I thought she will shout that she was not Madhu. But, she was enjoying my act. So, slowly I removed my dress and became naked before she could react or say anything. I crushed my chest against her back. I was licking her back, like a hungry dog licking a bone.

I poked my erected into her ass and slowly moaned, “Madhu…” Anita, suddenly came to her senses, pushed me back, and yelled, “I am not Madhu, Prince.” She turned back to see me. Now her fair boobs, with erected nipples, were in front of me.

Her boobs were becoming red as I had roughly squeezed her nipples. Anita looked at my erected dick, with her mouth wide opened. It was saluting her. She got afraid by looking at me naked, ran into the bathroom, and closed the door. I got dressed up and left the room.

I went downstairs, sat on the couch, and was waiting for Anita to come down. Few minutes passed, and Anita came down after wrapping a sexy red colored saree with a matching blouse.

One can notice, Anita is very angry by looking at her expression. Before she could say anything, I went near her, and hugged her tightly, and started kissing all over her face. I broke the kiss.

Me: Anita, you are very sexy and as beautiful as your sister. I know your sex life is not great with your husband. Give me a chance. I will satisfy you to the core.

Anita: How dare you to talk like this, Prince? You had married my sister and trying to sleep with me. I will inform this to Madhu, you have to pay for this.

She was very angry, I made a dull face, and started acting.

Me: Sorry, Anita, it’s my bad. I had mesmerized by your beauty. I thought it was Madhu in the room. I never had the wrong intentions for you. But when Madhu told me about your personal life, I felt pity for you.

Me: You will be smiling at me whenever I look at you. So, I thought, you too are interested in me, and dared to take such a risky step.

Anita: (Became cool) Sorry Prince, I smiled at you casually. But never thought I was provoking you. The shower is not working in my room. So I decided to take a bath in your (Madhu’s) room.

Anita: Please forgive me, and forget all the things that happened now. Madhu will be upset if she comes to know about this incident.

Me: Thanks for understanding, Anita. I will never do such things that make you angry in the future.

Anita: It’s ok, Prince, and please never bring the topic of my personal life. One more thing, please keep in mind that you are the husband of my sister.

I went to my room and got fresh. Madhu came, and at night, we sat at the table for dinner. Anita was behaving normally. We both couldn’t make eye contact. Another eight to ten days passed by, Anita is maintaining distance from me. But, I was deeply lost in the lusty thoughts and making plans to get her in bed.

One night, I felt very horny, so I broke the promise made by us and forced Madhu to have sex. She controlled for some time but eventually gave up. So, I started fucking Madhu wildly in our bed. Madhu was lost in the deep thrusts and was moaning heavily.

I forget to close the door. While fucking her, I observed that someone is peeping from the door. To my surprise, it was Anita who is watching us. As no one is present in the bungalow, except three of us. Anita is deeply lost in our act. I noticed it was her.

But Madhu couldn’t notice her, as she was closing her eyes in pleasure. I got excited after knowing that Anita is watching us. I started to ram Madhu hard, and she was moaning, “Yeah, Baby, come on, fuck me hard, tear the wet pussy of your wife.”

Madhu had orgasmed, and after a few seconds, I too unloaded a huge amount of cum. I fell on Madhu and rested on her. By then, Anita had left from there and went to her room. I was very happy, thinking that I can slowly get her into my bed, and slept peacefully for the night.

That’s all, for now, folks, in the next part, I will explain how the tables turned, and Anita started seducing me.


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