Watching my traditional mother-in-law fully naked! – Hot story

Watching my traditional mother-in-law fully naked! – Hot story

Thanks for your support. This is the continuation of my lustful journey with my MIL. The link of first part is on top.

After some time, I saw my mother-in-law in a saree in the kitchen. She was suddenly looking like a beautiful woman who I did not observe all these months! My eyes were searching for her assets and her smile made me lustful for her, forgetting that I had called her ‘amma’ all these days.

My MIL saw me smile and asked me if I needed anything. I did not say anything and smiled back. That night, I had mixed emotions and did not get proper sleep. My kid usually sleeps with my mother-in-law.

That night, I went to her room around 1 am and was closely watching her. She was wearing a nighty which was lifted till her thighs. Her face had no pimples or dark spots, and she was shining like a princess.

Without disturbing her, I came out and searched on my laptop for hot mother-in-law stories. I saw some interesting stories about my relationship with my mother-in-law. I masturbated for the first time thinking about her and imagining the hot stories I had just read.

On the next day, there was some pooja at home. As my mother-in-law was very orthodox, I knew that she will get up very early in the morning and do all the work as the pooja has to be completed before 9 am which is the best time.

I did not get sleep, and as expected in the morning at 3.30 am, I saw the light switched on in the kitchen. I confirmed that she has got up. I did not switch on my light. I was just waiting for the moment when she will go to the bathroom for bathing. She had told me earlier that she will wake me up by 5.30 or 6 am only.

As expected, my wife’s mother went to the bathroom attached to the hall with a towel and her pavada and once she went in, I got an idea.

I slowly came out of my room closing the room door, so that she will not know that I am awake. I went into her bedroom. I saw my son sleeping. Though the bedroom light was off, I could see the saree and her inners which she has kept on the bed for changing.

I knew I might get caught but did not want to miss this opportunity and was prepared to take the risk! Even if she saw me, I could say that I came to see my son.

I decided to try my luck and hid behind the cupboard which was in the corner of the room, and she could never notice me there. From the cupboard, I could clearly see the bed and the remaining area where she has to change her dress.

I was waiting there for 15 minutes. My heart was literally beating hard, and I could not control the excitement. I heard the noise of the bathroom door opening, and she slowly got into the room.

My mother-in-law was not wearing her pavada surprisingly and was only with a towel which was tied over her boobs. She had taken a head bath again and water droplets were flowing over her body. I could see her body in the night lamp which was on.

I was waiting for the main light to be switched on to see her fully. Since it was very early in the morning, she assumed that I was sleeping. She did not take any clothes into the bathroom which she normally would do. She opened the cupboard and was searching for something, and finally, she switched on the light.

“Ahhhh,” my rod was almost coming out and hitting the cupboard where I was standing behind seeing that! My MIL was just in her towel which was just hanging lightly over her boobs and anytime it could fall. It was very clear that she had not worn any inners, as water droplets were flowing all over her neck and her fairness was making me more excited.

She took a towel from the cupboard started wiping the water from her hair. Then she took the dryer and came near the cupboard as there was a plug point which was very near to the other side of the cupboard.

My heart was beating heavily, whether I will get caught or not. But somehow, she did not come very close and inserted the plug in the junction box that was already connected. She switched on the junction box. But now that she has plugged it near the cupboard and started drying her hair, I could see her very closely.

As my mother-in-law was drying her hair, I could see her armpits from close by, and also the side view of her bare boobs. She was drying her hair for 5 minutes with just a towel on her body. Once she was done, she took the other towel and tied it on her hair. To my surprise, she threw the towel she was wearing on the bed.

My wife’s mom was now standing completely naked in front of me! She was standing on the other side. I could see her ass and back completely. Her kundi (ass) was bubbly but did not have many black spots. My wife used to have a dirty ass with lots of black spots. I was thinking that my mother-in-law was maintaining her ass well.

Now she again went to the cupboard and searched for something. Then the moment I was waiting for came. My mother-in-law turned around and there you go, she was standing there showing me her full front view, naked to her own son-in-law without knowing about it!

My mother-in-law’s boobs were round, fair, and were like two watermelons hanging. Her navel was very deep and too sexy and even better than my wife’s navel.

And then I saw her pussy. To my surprise, it had only a few hairs and was mostly shaved. I was wondering how at her age and how a traditional, orthodox mami shaved her pussy often, but it was such a sight to see.

She took the towel and was wiping the rest of her body, and while she was wiping her pussy, I could see the hole. She had more flesh at the right places and was looking extremely sexy even sexier than her daughter.

My mother-in-law took a blue panty now and wore it. It was an old-style panty. She was doing all this very relaxed as it was only 4 am and she was thinking that no one was there to see her.

She took a body cream and started applying it all over her knees and thighs. I was closely looking all over her body as she was applying it slowly. She took the powder box and applied it on her armpits and also on her boobs. Wow, those two hanging melons! I just wanted to get out and press them hard.

My mother-in-law was so sexy and her cute face with innocent looks made me fall for her. She took a bra finally and put it on her melons. Now, she was just in her bra and panty. She went near the mirror and was looking at herself and adjusting the bra. She was looking at herself in the mirror and watching her body from up to down.

Suddenly, my MIL got a phone call and I was wondering who was calling her at this time!

To be continued.

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