Weekend Party With Nikita – Indian Sex Stories

Weekend Party With Nikita – Indian Sex Stories

I was woken up by the mobile alarm at 5 am. My head was still heavy with the hangover from last night’s weekend party. I wanted to sit upright on the bed, resting my back against the headboard of the bed. But beside me, ‘she’ lay naked amid the rumpled bedsheet.

One of her arms was around my chest and was lying down with her face pressed to my shoulder. One of her thighs were on my thighs. I looked at her face. Indeed, you drop your mask when you are asleep. I saw the cutest and most innocent face ever.

The glossy lipstick had gone off the lips due to our smooches and French kisses. Her locks of brown dyed hair ending with deep yellow streaks fell carelessly on her face. Her lips were slightly parted from where she let out puffs of air due to slow, but silent snoring.

One of her boobs crashed against the other, showing a short but deep cleavage. The small boobs ended in pink nipples. After a long time, rather for the first time, I had made love, I realized. I was repeatedly having sex with other females. But I was only fucking them but never made love.

The emotions were missing. ‘She’ was full of emotions. Also, I was in LOVE. Strange, no? I fell in love after making love. Such was her persona. I again fell in love while remembering her to type about her.

‘She’ was a true HR personnel who remained involved until the entire action was over. She sat on my legs, below the knees. She bent over and inclined her back by lifting her buttocks. With both hands, she carefully removed the cum filled condom from my dick and put it in the black polythene inside the bin.

She placed my dick on her tongue and revolved her tongue around it, cleaning my cum from my dick. She took the entire dick inside her mouth, still cushioning it with her tongue. She flickered the hole of my dick with the tip of her tongue. I was actually on the seventh heaven.

When the dick was inside her mouth, she moved her tongue, feeling the entire length of my dick till her tongue touched my testicles. I could see her small buttocks going up and down in sync. The rhythm of my dick being pulled in and out with her lips around them. Her legs were on the side of my legs.

I could see a black cord around her right ankle tied to ward off evil eyes. Mine were not evil eyes. I was now in love, which started as lust. When a girl is involved in unplanned sex, you might get to know her actual lifestyle. When a girl perceives that date might end up in sex, she wears branded inners.

‘She’ didn’t wear any branded stuff. On my study table was lying the discarded pink bra. It was a local company bra. I made her sit on the table, put one hand around her embracing her to rest her head on my chest. With fingers off one hand, I was playing with the elastic marks of her panty on her waist.

While with the fingers of the other hand, I was unhooking her bra. Unsuccessful with one hand, I left her panty marks and worked both my hands to unhook her bra. Her hands were feeling my dick inside my jockey. After unhooking the bra, I slid the straps down from both of her shoulders together.

I fondled her naked boob and played with her nipples with my fingers dancing on and around them. I kissed her on the neap if her neck and the socket of her collar bones. Not that, I had not played with her boobs before. Earlier I had just pulled down her bra cups and squeezed, kissed, and sucked them.

She had smaller boobs as compared to the other ladies I had before. ‘She’ belonged to a family of Peshawari Punjabis and was very fair, so fair, that her lips and nipples were pink.  She was also returning my kiss with equal gusto. Meanwhile, she put out one of her hands in my jockey and pulled my dick out.

She got down from the study and sat on her knees. She pulled down my underwear and pulled it away from my legs. She measured the thickness and the length first with her palms and then by putting it in her mouth. My dick was straight and hard and wouldn’t go in her mouth completely.

She planted a kiss right on the hole of my dick. I pulled open the drawer of my study and picked up a packet of KS condoms. She sat and sucked on my dick. I tore open the top of the packet and took out the condom, while she kissed and sucked. I stopped her and pulled out my dick from her mouth.

I put my dick in the condom and adjusted the length. She was now standing naked and watching me put the condom. I patted her on the hips and asked her to get on the bed. She got on the bed and holding me by my dick pulled them signaling to follow on the bed.

The bedsheet was totally disordered. She had knelt on the bed, bent over on the foam mattress, taking a pillow under her breasts. Clutching small portions of the bedsheet within her palms, she had raised her buttocks inviting me to go in from the back.

She turned her head and looked straight in my eyes, waiting for the push. I was adjusting my cock in the crevice of her buttocks. I guided my dick with my hand to place it on the opening under her ass. I placed my cock and pushed myself in. My cock went in a little inside, feeling which she moaned.

I placed my hands on her ass and prepared my self for one more thrust. Just as I pushed forward, she tweaked her ass, taking my dick completely in. I continued my back and forth motion. Initially, I moved my hands around her back and on her buttocks.

I cupped her pussy with one of my palms and kept the other palm on her navel that was upside down, and pushed her upward. My cock went in deeper. She turned her head around again and stared, “Baby, do faster, push harder,” and few sounds that were beyond my spelling ability.

With the change in the momentum, I wasn’t sure how long I would hold. I tried one more stunt. I cupped her boobs with my palms, lifted her a little. She supported by pushing herself upward with her hands. My dick started going in deeper and deeper with every push.

My hard dick rubbed against the inner walls of her pussy while she was going crazy. I played with my pace. Sometimes pushing in faster and deeper and then pulling myself, and vice versa. The veins of my dick were holding my cum inside. It couldn’t any longer, and I let go.  The condom started filling up with my cum while I continued my motion.

I am not James Bond, that I would walk into a bar and get any random girl to sleep with me. It was a Saturday night party organized by the office. I went up to the bar terrace for a smoke.  There I saw one of the girls in the advertisement smoking. “Hi, Nikita. What’s up?” I asked her excitedly. She was smoking too.

I lighted mine, and our conversation started. I had met her earlier many times at the cafeteria. After a few minutes, we both joined back at the party, and we got separated. Since I was bored, I left early. While I was getting into my car in the basement, I found Nikita, drunk. She was swaying and searching for her car.

“It’s not safe for you to drive,” I told her after driving my car to the place she was standing. It seemed taxi also wouldn’t have been the right choice. I asked her where did she live. “Noida,” she said. I offered to drop her. While I was driving, she complained that she didn’t enjoy the party.

“What about a private party for you at my place?” She was too drunk to say yes or no, but I took her silence for a yes. I parked my car at my apartment basement parking and opened the door for her. I walked her inside the lift while she kept swaying here and there.

Once the lift reached the 10th floor, I walked her to my flat door. With one hand I held her to me and with the other unlocked the door. We were at my flat. I offered her to relax while I was working on to create the ambiance. I switched on the a/c and went to fetch the absolut vodka bottle and glasses.

In a while, we started drinking. I connected my mobile to the Bluetooth speaker and put on light English music. I took her hands in mine and offered to dance. We were romantically swaying while she put her head on my chest. We weren’t talking much but looked into each other’s eyes.

I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. “Wow! You smell like a baby,” I whispered in her ear. She said, “Using Johnson & Johnson to date, is the secret,” and smiled. I kept my lips on hers. Initially, she didn’t respond but in a while replied back with her kisses.

I whispered in her ears, “Please stay. Please don’t go.” She looked into my eyes again and picked up her phone lying on the bed. She called her home, “Mumma, it’s too late to come. I am at Shalini’s place. Don’t worry.” I got my reply. I kissed her again. This time I sucked her lips and tongue.

I could taste her lipstick on her lips. I kissed her on her neck and the tip of her nose. I pulled the locket with my mouth that was dangling between her boobs. She was wearing an amethyst pendant. While we were swaying together in the rhythm of ‘Last Christmas’.

I unbuttoned her loose, floral shirt, and looked at her. Her shirt was hanging on with the front open and bra exposed. I pulled up my t-shirt and went behind her. I removed her shirt and then pulled the shirt away from her body, freeing her arms. By now, sweat had dried up from both of us.

Nikita was a short and skinny girl. She was around 22 and stood up to 5 feet 2 in. She wore short shoulder length hair that she had dyed brown with the bottom of the hair ending with yellow streaks. She had small boobs which were milky white. I pulled out one of them from her bra cup and kissed on her nipple.

I flickered my tongue on and around it. I pulled out the other one too. I licked the nipples and rotated my tongue on it. I took each one of them between my fingers and pulled while kissing her on her lips. Today she was wearing a long skirt below her waist.

I made her sit on the divan and pushed her to lay on it. I lifted her long skirt up to her breasts, to expose the panty. She was wearing an orange panty with black polka dots. I parted her legs and sat down on the floor between them, in front of the divan.

I inserted my fingers in the elastic of her panty border and pulled them down to her ankles. I removed the panty completely and threw it aside. She had already removed her shoes while we were dancing. I tickled her pussy by lightly running my fingers on it.

She had a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair on the pussy. I didn’t want to dilute the moment by exploring her pussy anymore. I parted her legs a little more and entered a little more. I kissed her pussy and placed my tongue in the vagina. I licked it like a cat drinking milk.

She closed her eyes and was moaning. I stood up and bent over her, not crashing her completely. I kissed her on the lips again. She worked on unbuckling my belt and then unbuttoning my jeans. I left her and pulled my jeans out from my legs.

I was wearing a light blue jockey and was holding my bulge. It had gone slightly wet due to my precum. I lifted her on my arms, guessing that she was light. I carried her to my bedroom, kissing her all the way. I kept her, making her sit on my study table. I switched on the a/c of my bedroom.

The account of the next day will be detailed in my next episode about the weekend party.

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