Young Kolkata girl gets brutally fucked – First night sex story

Young Kolkata girl gets brutally fucked – First night sex story

Hello, I am from Kolkata and 39 years old now. I was a good student in school and college. But my father forced me to stop studying and get married. I was not at all ready for getting married as I was focused on my studies and also, I had a boyfriend from my school life whom I loved the most then.

I have a height of 5 feet 4 inches with a figure of 32-26-32 (a well maintained trimmed figure) and a lovely face and a milky white body tone. I was like a free bird who just love to hang out with friends and party, drink and do many things too.

So I was not ready for shitty things like marriage at that very low age 21. But to my bad luck and due to the continuous pressure from my parents, I was forced to marry a man who was more than double my age.

At last, it was my marriage ceremony. My house was fully decorated but I was a little nervous. All-day long there was always someone who came to me and told a lot of good things about my would-be husband to create a good vibe in my mind.

Finally, I came down and saw an old man looking like 45-50 years old. He had a beard and a strong physique which can attract lady of any age. From then on, I became a little happy and anxious thinking about my first night (my suhagraat).

Let me directly come to the details of my first night.

After completion of all the Indian wedding rituals, I came to my new room which was my husband’s room. I was not at all ashamed but a little nervous about doing my first sex as I was a virgin.

My hubby came to me after closing the door and gifted me a saree. He told me to change into that saree. So I go to the other side of my room and began to change.

I saw that my hubby was changing too and soon, he was in his lungi. The saree was made of silk. After changing, I came to the bed and sat there quietly.

After some time of silence, my hubby broke the ice and came to me. He directly asked me if I was ready for our first-night sex! I nodded and gave him my permission.

Before I could finish nodding, my middle-aged husband threw me on the bed (he is 5’9 in height) and removed my pallu very easily. Then I came to understand why he gave me a silk saree to wear.

With his big muscular hand, my husband groped me and began to kiss me. But it was not like the kisses I had tasted for so many years. So I hesitated to open my lips for a long time and with this failure, he came down and started to kiss my neck, chin, throat and also started to lick everywhere.

His acts slowly began to arouse me. Suddenly, he tore my blouse off and was trying to remove my bra. But he was not able to do so. However, my inner whore was aroused by then so I went up from the bed and hugged him tightly and began to kiss him passionately.

After that passionate kiss, he said, “Sherni jag gayi lagta hein”.

In reply, I pushed him to the bed and fondled over his hairy strong chest. Then I began swirling my tongue around his nipples. I could feel the heat in his body rising. So I decided to tease him more and more.

In the heat of the moment, I asked him, “Can I go down more??” I did not know what he said but I just went down and lifted his lungi up to his waist. And to my surprise, he was not wearing underwear. And oh my god, my husband had a huge dick almost 6.8-inch and a circumference of almost 4.7 inches.

I was looking at his tool with an open mouth. (My lover’s was 5.6inch and this is almost 7).

Wow, what a huge thick and veinous dick my husband had. I quickly grabbed that dick with my two hands. My hubby just moaned a little. Then I began to stroke the dick slowly. I then went ahead and licked those balls while giving him the handjob with my other hand. That made my husband’s dick rock hard.

I was in awe. It was the best dick I had seen in my whole life. Then I began to lick the penis from the tip to the toe while grabbing those balls. This surely made him more aroused at that time my man went up and stood up from the bed with his machine hanging up.

He came towards me and held my head tightly. He pushed his entire dick into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I couldn’t speak even a bit to show my initial protest in taking such big dick in my mouth. But I could not help but blow my hubby’s dick continuously either!

After a few more strokes, I could taste his thick semen in my mouth. I couldn’t tolerate this so I spat all of it out but some went inside my mouth. But I got some relief as it was over.

But to prove me wrong, he was again ready with his throbbing dick hanging in front of my face. My husband then took me in his lap and threw me on the bed. Now it was his turn to satisfy his new wife.

He began to show the power of his tongue and lips. He started kissing and licking one of my breasts while pressing the other with immense power. I could feel the pain so I was saying, “Just leave me..please..” but he wasn’t listening. He continued to do his ‘job’.

Despite the pain and rough handling of my husband, I began to feel immense joy. He then continued to suck my boobs for another 15 minutes and came down on my belly. I have a flat sexy stomach with a nice round navel.

My hubby started licking my navel with his tongue. Wow, it was fucking awesome! But, slowly I understood that it was just the beginning. While licking my navel, one of his hands went towards my pussy and started rubbing it.

It was such an awesome feeling that I could not resist myself and lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder. It disturbed his finger fucking as I was still wearing my saree and petticoat around my waist.

He then stopped licking and removed my clothes. I was fully naked in front of him. Then the utmost pleasure came when he started to lick my vagina walls. I was getting wet and wet every passing second. I was not in control of myself anymore.

My husband was licking my pussy like he was licking ice cream. I just held his head on my vagina tightly. He was licking and licking and suddenly, he inserted one finger after the other and started finger fucking me. Damn! It was so hot that I could not resist myself and it was the second time I was made to orgasm on my first night.

He was now a hungry tiger and I was like his prey. He lied down and made me sit on his top. Now he gave me his dick to sit upon. I was a tigress too then.

I gave him 2-3 strokes and went upon that tool. It was a big dick for a young girl like me but I managed to get a little part of it inside my pussy. He then started laughing and held me tightly and pushed hard. With one stroke that whole big dick of my husband was inside me!

I was crying in pain and shouting madly. But no hunter listens to his prey.

He started pushing his dick from the downside. Then I thought I should show him what I am capable of. So I started pumping from upside.

Auhhhhhhhhhhhhh..” It was just getting sexier. I was in seventh heaven.

He then grabbed my ass cheek and parted it with his hands. His dick was now entering my vagina, thrusting the vagina walls badly. I again cummed! It was my 4th time!!

Still, my husband was not cumming and it hurt my ego. Then I pretended to be a whore and was moaning, “more..more..auhhhhh.. oh my man you are my dream.. I love to have you in my life forever..Ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. fuck me harder and make me pregnant.”

I held my boobs with my hands and was going up and down on his dick. He suddenly held me and made me lay down him and started banging me in the missionary position.

He continued his fucking for 5 minutes more and then ejaculated a huge load inside me. I also had my 5th orgasm by then.

I was totally exhausted but satisfied as well. I held him with my hands and started kissing him. He slowly went into sleep.

I was still thinking of his manly things and was happy a lot and thanking my parents too for gifting me such a sex machine which I was fond of.

That brutal fucking session made me pregnant and I gave birth to a baby son. I became more sexy and horny when my son became 3 years. I just want a dick inside me but my hubby stopped being able to satisfy me sexually like before. He has now aged and is weak too. So my sex life became obsolete for many years.


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