Cute Love Messages

Best Collections Of Cute Love Messages.


Love starts with you and ends on your name

It is that passionate burning flame

That burns on both the sides

I truly love you a lot,

You stay in my every thought!


A perfect love stands by each test of time

It is not about gifts and gestures

It is all about the love and time

You are mine and I know it well

And I have just a thing to tell

That I love you a lot!


All relationships have one law.

Never make the one you fell alone,

especially when you are there.
I smile like an idiot

When I am talking to you doesn’t

matter if it’s in person or

Through text or anything else.

I just smile because it is you.


A person that truly loves you 

will never let you go, no matter

how hard the situation is.


I love you.

It is a fact.

But not with my heart.

So please believe me when I say

I love you

because I really do.

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