Story of seduction games with wife’s cousin

Story of seduction games with wife’s cousin

From the next day, I observed a huge change in Anita’s behavior. She was not the same Anita I met on the very first day. She behaved decently and maintained distance with me earlier.

But now, she is getting very close to me and started to give subtle hints that she is interested in me, like plating seduction games. She started to wear those costly, fancy sarees of Madhu instead of her salwars.

She started to expose her belly button and cleavage near her boobs in those transparent sarees. I started enjoying her free show. She was expecting me to take the first step. But, I wanted to take revenge for my humiliation.

So, I, too, started seducing her. I was fueling her up for the hot fucking game. One day, I decided to check whether she wants to sleep with me or just entertaining me. So, I decided to execute an evil plan.

After returning from the office, Anita and I were alone in the house. She was wearing a transparent blue colored saree with a matching sleeveless blouse. I asked her to prepare juice for me.

Anita agreed and went to the kitchen to prepare the juice. I slowly followed her and silently entered the kitchen. She was busy preparing juice. I went behind her and poked my erected dick on her ass over the saree.

She jerked and got tensed by looking at me. I just gave an evil smile and was looking at her cleavage over the saree.

Anita: Uff jijaji, I got panicked. Do you want something?

Me: I want milk (I was scanning her boobs). Sorry, don’t prepare juice.

Anita: (Winked) Dear jiju, drink this juice for now. I will give you milk when the right time comes.

Me: (I got a confirmation, this married hottie now wants to get fucked by me) Hmm, I am waiting, Ani, until then, I will adjust with these yummy juice.

She just gave a naughty smile and handed over the juice glass to me. While taking the glass from her, I intentionally spilled some juice on her saree. Before she could react, I placed my hand on her body and started touching her here and there, in the name of cleaning her saree.

Me: I am very sorry, Ani, it’s just my mistake, please let me help you.

Anita: It’s ok, Prince, I will manage. Don’t worry.

I thought she would go to her room to clean herself. My heart got skipped for a second, looking at her act. Anita removed her saree pallu from her shoulder and started cleaning the juice droplets fell on her boobs with water.

She became wet, and her milky boobs were clearly visible from her transparent blouse. I tried to take advantage of the situation.

Me: Ani, don’t take me wrong. You have got a beautiful pair of boobs.

Anita: (Lowered her head with shy) Naughty Jiju, Don’t talk to me like that. I am married.

Me: Married, so what? I am just complimenting your beauty. You are too beautiful. Kumar is very lucky to have you as his wife.

Anita: (Suddenly became dull) No Jiju, he is not lucky (She said in a very low tone)

Me: (To cheer her) If he isn’t lucky, I will become that luckiest person (Winked). Let me help you, Ani. Wait, I will clean your saree.

Before Anita could say anything, I completely removed her saree and started acting like I was cleaning the saree. Now, she was only in a blouse and petticoat. Her face became red with shyness.

Me: Ani, the juice fell on your blouse too, remove it, and give it to me. I will clean it too.

She understood that I was trying to make her nude. Her eyes got widened, and she was trembling in fear. I started approaching her to remove her blouse.

Anita ran to her room upstairs. I, too, followed her. Before I could enter her room, she locked the door. I thought it is enough for the day and left for my room.

Another two to three days passed by, we both were getting close to each other. On the weekend, Madhu, Anita and I planned to go shopping. But, Madhu had to stay in her boutique, as she got a very bulky order.

So, she requested us both to go for shopping. Anita and I left for a famous mall. Anita is a shopping freak. She brought every single item from all the shops. In the mall, we both held our hands and roamed like wife and husband.

She was wearing a peach-colored saree. All the men in the mall, from the younger generation to the older generation, were scanning her like hungry dogs. What to do? She was such a beautiful goddess.

Ani completed her shopping, and we both left for our house. I felt very horny. I immediately wanted to have sex or atleast masturbate to release my urge. I called Madhu and asked her when she will return. Madhu replied that she will be in the bungalow within ten minutes.

I requested her to come directly to the bathroom, as I was going to take a shower. She agreed, and I cut the call. I became naked and went to take a shower. I rested for ten minutes in the bathtub. Madhu will be coming at any time.

So, I stood up to finish bathing, as I want to fuck her under the shower. As I was taking my bath, I heard someone entering the room. I started washing the soap off from my body. Madhu entered the room. But I kept quiet and continued bathing. I started talking to her from inside the bathroom.

Me: Madhu, come fast, yaar. Let’s have a bath together. I am dying for your touch.

Meanwhile, she got naked outside the bathroom and opened the door. I was facing the wall, and she could see my bareback. I didn’t utter a single word. I stood still in the shower turning towards the wall. Now, I started getting a massive erection.

My dick became rock hard. Madhu came closer and closer, and she grabbed me from behind, hugging me tightly. Her big breasts were crushing between my back and her. My cock further sprang up with excitement. It was heavenly.

She was kissing all over my back while hugging me. She rubbed my chest with her hands and slowly went down to grab my cock. She started pulling my foreskin back and forth. I could not keep quiet and left a moan.

Me: Wow, Madhu, you are in a great mood today. You had taken the initiation and doing all this.

“No, Jiju, it’s not her,” just a voice came from behind. I said, “What?” and turned back towards her. I was shocked and stepped away.

Yes, it is Anita, who was in the bathroom, till now. She was naked and glowing like a sex goddess. Her milky body was inviting me to drink all the juices over her body. The water droplets falling on her from the shower, making her even sexier.

Me: No, Ani, is it you here all the time, or you just came now.

Anita: Yeah, Jiju, it was me who was playing with you till now. Why you don’t like me?

Me: (I was scanning her whole body) Any men would die to have you in this world. I don’t like you. I just love you.

Anita: (With a shy on her face) Stop scanning me like that, Prince. I know you had a lust for me from the very first day. But, I don’t want to create unwanted tensions between you and Madhu.

Anita: Jiju, I’m dying for the touch of a real man. Kumar loves me a lot, but he is not giving enough satisfaction to me. Please, quench my thirst. (she bent her head further, without making eye contact with me) I wish to bear your seed in my womb, make me pregnant, Jiju.

I got very excited after hearing her words and pounced on her like a hungry wolf. Before she could say anything, I kissed her all the way from lips, neck, nipples, navel, and reached her pussy.

I bit on her hips and went down to plant a kiss on her pussy. She held her hands on my head and played with my hair. I started licking her pussy, and she went mad for me.

I decided to fuck her in the bathtub and started to push her into the tub. But, Anita stopped me from doing so. “What happened, Ani?” I asked. “Prince, I don’t want to cheat my sister. I wish to have all this, with her permission,” a soft reply came from Anita’s mouth.

Enough for now, folks. In the next part, I will explain how Anita took Madhu’s permission to have sex with me and got pregnant with my child. Please give your valuable suggestions and comments to my mail:

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