Exciting incest journey with dear mom – Lusty Incest Story

Exciting incest journey with dear mom – Lusty Incest Story

My sex queen: My dear MOM

Episode1: My introduction to the world of incest

Hello everyone,

My name is Vishal, aged 21 years, from Mysore. I’m pursuing engineering from a local college. I can say I’m pretty good in studies, though casual in attitude.

My daily routine is to go to college, get back and roam with friends and that’s it nowadays. Life is going along smoothly. My physical specifications are as follows: I’m quite tall, around 5′ 9″ having quite a healthy body and my dick size is around 7 inches when erect.

This story is a must for all of you and especially for guys like me, who are very much interested in sexual relationships with anyone who has an age difference and is more mature than you are.

This is my FIRST writing assignment, so kindly bear with me. Now I’ll introduce my family which consists of me, my mom, dad, grandfather, and my little brother who goes to school.

My dad who is around 55 years of age, runs an electronics store that has sales and services of electronic products. My grandfather is quite old and is around 80 years but he’s still a strong person and can walk and work independently.

We are basically a traditional family, my parents and grandfather do a lot of worships and poojas and I can say our financial condition is good as dad’s business runs quite well.

Now coming to the lead character of my life, whom I believe is my sex goddess and my sex queen. I’m her sex slave, she is my lovely and dearest Mom.

She is the love of my life and I think that I can do anything to submit myself to her as a sex slave. She’s a very traditional lady and very innocent.

All she does is care for her family and nothing else. She just can’t take anything bad in her family and she loves all her family more than anything, especially me.

She loves me like anything and has never scolded or beaten me in my whole life till now. I think she loves me more than my dad and the same goes from my side too as I reciprocate the same amount of love that she showers on me.

I used to share anything and everything that happens in my life with her, each and everything that’s how much we love each other.

Now coming to mom’s physical description, she’s tall and has a good amount of fleshy fat wherever it is required on her body, giving her a perfect shape which makes me feel like calling her a sex goddess.

She’s 5′ 7″ in height and her figure is 38-D breasts, 36 waist, and 42 hips. She has a wheatish complexion, with attractive eyes, juicy lips, voluptuous boobs, deep navel.

You can say she has an hourglass-shaped figure considering her waist and hips. These include her humungous hips, thunderous thighs, sexy feet, and the sexiest glory holes in front and back which are the honey pots of mom.

These taste like honey and the erotically exotic aroma of her armpits, adds fuel to my fire. She looks similar to Shweta Menon, (Malayalam actress). My mom’s name is Poornima -my sex Queen.

She mostly wears sarees even at home and very rarely salwar- suit when going outside and rarely nightie at home. The cotton and fancy sarees that she wears are a bit transparent and half sleeves blouses which are front hooked and bra of 38-D and V-shaped panties.

What a good collection of bras, panties, and sarees she has! There are also a few padded bras for occasions. Normally she wears her saree below the navel and has deep neck blouses which are always a bit tight for her huge melons.

Her boobs and hips are so soft, spongy, and huge that they create periodic oscillations of bouncing whenever she walks around. This makes my dick rock hard and keeps me in a state of arousal. When I am aroused, I feel like to jump on her and bang her right there.

Her daily routine is to wake up early in the morning at around 5:30 am and clean all around the home, prepare breakfast for us all. My little bro goes to school at 7:30 am and dad leaves for work at 9:30.

My grandfather goes for his walks at 6 am and has breakfast after coming back and then goes to his room. He generally takes rest there. I go to college at 11 am and come back in the evening around 5 pm.

My brother comes back from school in the afternoon and dad comes back at 9 pm. We live in a 3 BHK home, where one room is for my brother and me, one for my mom and dad and the other is for my grandfather. We usually sleep at around 11 pm. This is the daily routine of our family.

Now, time to begin my story. It all actually started when I completed my 12th std. When I was younger, my mother used to change her clothes in front of me.

She never used to sense my presence when I was a young kid. This was because I was obviously innocent. I was very close to her and often spent time in her room.

She even used to bathe me when she took a bath herself. Often she used to ask me to unhook her bra when she couldn’t reach behind her back. I did this until I was about ten.

She never asked me to leave if she had to change, and I used to just go about my business as well, never feeling as if I had to leave or look away.

But, when I started growing she made me change that habit, and then I never saw her again changing before me or bathing with me or naked as I started growing into a young boy.

I too began to understand why she’s not letting me watch her changing or accompany her while bathing. I even understood why she’s not asking me to help her to unhook her bra and blouses.

It’s all because I started growing and I too didn’t think much of it at that time and years went by, neither did I bother or ever think about all this a single time.

But I now know that it’s all because of traditional barriers we have within ourselves and in our society which makes a mom and son be just mom and son. It makes them forget that they both are humans first and more importantly that they are men and women.

As per the natural law of the universe, there will be an attraction between a man and a woman even if it is a mom and her son. Each has opposite genitals and these will have an attraction towards each other.

That is nature’s way of bonding between a man and a woman, but tradition hinders the thought that sex is the basic key of continuity of humanity.

Nature never makes differentiation, it just needs a man and a woman to procreate and this is also applicable for a mom and her son. This is the reason why I say incest is just normal.

It’s nothing bad and it’s the purest form of love and ecstasy that’s why I feel mom-son sex is just a mutual relationship of enjoyment and happiness.

I didn’t know all this at a young age, in fact, I didn’t even know there can be a sexual relationship between mom and son until I completed my 12th std.

So here we get back to the story. I completed my 12th std. and was waiting for the results of the entrance exam so that I could get into engineering as I didn’t have any interest in medicine.

So during this vacation, I used to enjoy and roam around the city with my friends and used to do much naughty stuff during these days. In the afternoons and at nights we used to watch porn or masala movies in any of my friend’s homes secretly in their rooms. It’s all had become so normal.

One day it so happened that we came across a mom-son porn clip and at least for me, I was seeing such a clip for the first time. I felt a bit awkward and resisted watching mom-son themed clips.

But after a long discussion between my friends and me, I decided to look it as they convinced me that it’s just a porn clip and the porn stars who are in the video might not be related to each other.

This may have been true, but the title of the video never went away from my mind. It got implanted like a virus in my thoughts and there started a bundle of questions in mind about it.

It started a new curiosity in me and I started to think of it all day and night and finally, I decided to explore it over the internet whether it really exists or it was just a lie.

On googling ‘mom-son sex’, for the first time I came across the word incest. Upon some deep searching, I came to know it really exists in our society but it was not so openly spoken about and its popularity was shrouded because of traditional barriers.

Day by day I started to know about different incest relationships like mom-son, bro-sis, dad-daughter, and all. It became routine for me to just think about the mom-son relationship as I didn’t have a sister.

Then one fine day while exploring the internet, I landed into this very popular site Indiansexstories.net and saw that it too had an incest section that generated curiosity within me about a mom-son relationship.

I started to find all the mom-son sex stories very interesting and sexy. Without any idea to myself, I started imagining me and my mom in those stories.

Without delving deep into the cause, I started getting aroused and my dick started getting hard by the thought of me and my mom. This made me recall all those moments which are so precious, where I used to freely enjoy with mom and watch her change and bathe with her. Besides all those nude moments with mom while I was young.

All those moments started to flash before my eyes and I started to feel that sexual feeling for mom which a normal man feels for a female and my dick became rock hard and my hand went and gripped my dick.

I unknowingly started masturbating and started doing it rigorously. After many strokes, my semen pumped out so forcefully that I had never experienced such feeling and release of stress before.

This made me completely exhausted and I fell back on my bed. As a common symptom after ejaculation, I too started to feel numb. I also started to feel guilty about what I did thinking about my mom.

I slapped myself several times and cried, feeling very bad that night and slept. But deep down in my heart, I was also seriously telling myself that it was the best ejaculation I ever had.

I decided not to do this again. But as all of you know, if a young man becomes an incestualized son then there’s no way back from such a relationship.

So this is a brief introduction to my family and my queen, my mom. I have described how it all started with me. Stay tuned to know what happened next.

This is a series of stories that involve me and my mom. Read how I learned about incest, how I convinced my mum, and the difficulties I faced convincing mom.

There are various different situations in life. I and mom enjoyed our sex life, romancing, and everything about me and mom. The actual story begins in the next episode please stay tuned

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