Girlfriend Fucked By An Old Man And His Son – Cuckold Story

Girlfriend Fucked By An Old Man And His Son – Cuckold Story

Hey, guys, Anil again. I am a 24-year-old average built guy with an average dick. Today’s story will be about a 21-year-old Amit whose desire was to see his girlfriend fucked by others. The narration will be from his view.

Amit’s Story

I have been in a relationship with Vinita for 5 years and we have been having sex from the past 3-4 years. I kept Vinita happy with my 6.5-inch dick. But all that bothered me was I never got a chance to be in a threesome or any other some.

Apart from the fantasy of threesome I also had a thought about being a cuckold. Yes, I want to see my girlfriend get used by others. I was not like this usually. But as my girlfriend started wearing exposed clothes and getting the attention of all the guys, it gave me a kind of proudness along with some weird feeling.

This weird feeling increased. I started to imagine Vinita getting fucked by every guy I caught eyeing her boobs. I talked to her. She was okay with a threesome. She was like we will see when it happens. But looking at me as if I am mad when I talked about a cuckold. She never got angry about that so I assumed she was considering it.

One day we decided to bunk college and go for a drive to the ‘Statue of Unity’. It was a 3-hour drive from Ahmedabad.

Vinita is a perfect bombshell. She has tempting cleavage that is formed by her 36b sized boobs. Her sexy slim waist is at 28 with a deep navel to suck for. And her ass is just to die for with a 36 number perfectly shaped melons.

That day she was looking even hotter. She wore a pink t-shirt that was hardly able to hold her huge bouncy boobs. They looked even bigger than ever in that tee. She wore a blue denim skirt which ends only just below her pussy. I looked her coming towards my car my pants became tight with my dick coming to life.

Her boobs were bouncing as she ran. The first thing I wanted to do when she gets in was to grab those balloons. But I controlled as we were in public. I drove out of the city as fast as I could. When we were on the highway I halted the car in a lonely place. I held her huge tempting boobs and pressed them hard.

Vinita-“Amit please be gentle.”

I didn’t listen to her and buried my face in them. Then I swiftly pulled her t-shirt and bra up to her neck. I took both the boobs into my face. Oh god, those were amazing. Though I fucked her the previous day. But today she feels much sexier in that dress. I was crushing her boobs with my hands and licked all over them.

She was moaning and pushing my head to her boobs. I took one nipple in the mouth while I pinched the other. I sucked on them like a wild dog. After having my treat for 15 minutes I came back to my position and started unzipping my pants.

Vinita-” Amit, not now.”
Me-“Please baby it’s so hard and tight in my pants.”

Saying this I caught her head and guided it to my 6.5-inch dick. She didn’t resist and happily took my cock in her mouth. She then started stroking my dick fast and took it in the mouth. While she was sucking me I massaged her boobs with my right hand and rubbed her pussy with the left.

She was already becoming wet down there. I pushed the panty aside and inserted my fingers into her pussy. She increased her speed on my dick and within no time I released my load in her mouth. She drank all of it and also tried milking more till the last drop.

Then we started again. Vinita’s milky white thighs were shining and I couldn’t control myself. I kept my left hand on her right thigh and pressed it. She hissed and gave a smile to me. I massaged her thigh till I reached her panty. It was damp with her earlier juices.

I rubbed her over the panty while handling the driving wheel with my right hand. I gave glances now and then to see her closing her eyes and enjoying my fingers. As I continued my rubbing my erection returned and I asked her whether she could jerk me.

She opened my pant and took out my dick in her hand stroking. I slowed down a bit. But the wheel got out of control when she squeezed my dick harder and we ended up into a bush of thorns. Two tires of the car got punctured and we had only one spare wheel.

Luckily there was a roadside repair shop and we asked the guy to do it. He said it would take atleast 2 hours. We had no choice but to stay there. There were rice fields along the highway. So Vinita suggested we spend our time in the fields.

There was also a small hut in the middle of the fields. We went to the hut for some shade and relaxation. There were cows outside the hut.

Me-“Anyone there?”

An old man in his 60’s something opened the door.

Me-” Hi! Our car is under repair. So we thought we could get shade while it is done.”

The old man was looking at Vinita’s top till bottom. He was ogling her thighs and boobs while I was talking.

Me-“So can we stay for some time in your hut? ”

I said that with a raised voice bringing him into this world.

Man-” Yes, sure please come.”
Me-” Btw my name is Amit and she is Vinita”
Man-” My name is Krishna and this is my son, Anil.”

He showed us a wheatish teen guy who was shirtless and doing some work on the ground. Anil looked up and his face got stuck with Vinita’s body. Both the father and son were groping my girlfriend with their eyes only. I got a different feeling about this. I was getting horny seeing them checkout my girlfriend.

It seemed like Vinita was also enjoying their eyes on her. She finds it sexy when people look at her body with lustful eyes. There was no proper place to sit also because filled with all the agricultural tools. So we were standing. Me, Vinita and Krishna were talking to each other while Anil was on his work.

Krishna and I were standing side by side. Vinita was in front of us with her back to Anil. She was giving a visual treat to both the dad and son. Krishna couldn’t take off his eyes from Vinita’s breasts. Anil was also having a nice view of her round ass. The heat in me due to this is increasing minute by minute.

As Vinita didn’t have any pockets I was carrying her mobile. I didn’t know what came to my mind but I purposely let her mobile fall. I acted as if I didn’t know that her mobile was down.

Vinita-“What is this Amit you can’t handle even a mobile ah?”

Saying this she bent down only to lift her skirt and give a complete view of her soaked panty to Anil. He was awestruck with what he was seeing. His mouth went wide enough indicating his surprise. And Krishna’s eyes popped out when he got to see my girlfriend’s bra cladded boobs from inside her t-shirt.

I got so aroused with what’s happening.

Me-” Hey Anil do you like what you see?”

He was surprised but nodded yes. And before Vinita straightened herself I held her in that position only.

Vinita-“Amit, what are you doing?”

Me-“Just wait, baby, and enjoy what you are getting. Now Anil will you just sit there staring at that or will you like to taste it?”

That horny teen didn’t waste any time and immediately buried his face on Vinita’s wet panty.

Vinita-” Aahh,  what’s happening? What are doing to my pussy?”

I didn’t waste any time and pulled Krishna so that Vinita’s face is touching his bulge in pants.

Me-“Come on, old man. I have seen you drooling over her body. Now join with your son.”

He didn’t waste any time removing his pants. And his 6.5 inches black cock sprung out hitting Vinita’s face. Though he is very old his dick didn’t seem to have aged. It is still rock hard and eager to fuck my girlfriend.  Anil was holding Vinita’s ass cheeks spreading them and sucking her pussy from over the panty.

Vinita was moaning, “Oh god, suck me like that. Remove my panty and take my pussy.” With this, Anil pulled down her panty and pushed his tongue inside her asshole. She screamed in lust, “Take my ass, lick it.”

Then all of a sudden the old man pushed his dick in Vinita’s mouth silencing her. She was liking that. She started sucking the 60+ man’s cock with much enthusiasm just like a slut in porn. Then Anil got up and removed his shorts. His 7 inch dick covered in thick hair popped out like a snake.

His dick is a lot more different from his dad’s. It’s wheatish in color compared to his dad’s black dick. Añd in thickness also he outplayed his dad. Thick hair is another plus. Though I and Vinita like clean shaved but Anil’s cock looked amazing in the bush.

I sat on the side and watched as Anil plunged his 7 inch monster in my girlfriend’s pussy. She wanted to scream but the old man was choking her. Vinita held the old man’s ass and was sucking his dick while his son was ramming her pussy.

Here I already had my 6.5-inch dick out of my pants. I started stroking it while enjoying my girlfriend getting fucked. Anil stopped fucking Vinita. He removed her skirt and then brought a rope that is used to tie the cows. I was becoming hornier seeing what was happening.

Anil tied the rope to Vinita’s neck loosely while she was still sucking his father’s cock. He then went and put his fingers in Vinita’s ass. He added more and more saliva and fingered her ass. Then at once he caught his dick and pushed it hard into Vinita’s ass. Her eyes popped out with what had happened to her.

Though she liked licking and fingering her ass she never took my cock in it as she gets pain. Butt now she was vulnerable. She removed the old man’s cock from the mouth and shouted, “Please remove your dick from my asshole. It pains I cannot take. I beg you.”

She looked at me and said, “Amit, do something. Please help me please say him to take it out of my asshole.” But I didn’t get any sympathy for her. Instead, I got more aroused and I smiled at her increasing my jerking.

I said, “Babe this feels so awesome. We always talked about threesome na? This is your chance and honestly, I always had this fantasy to see you getting banged by other people”

Vinita-” But we never talked about it happening like this.”
Me-“Just enjoy the sex, baby, you’ll like it eventually.”

Krishna-” hat are you talking bitch. Now once you have entered our territory you will go completely satisfying us and even if your boyfriend tried to help you he cannot beat us both”

Saying this the old man again pushed his cock in Vinita’s mouth and fucked furiously. There Anil was giving slow and long strokes in her ass. He started slowly pulling the rope he tied to Vinita’s neck and increased his fucking. He was using the rope as a choker.

Vinita loves BDSM. We did a lot of experiments but she would have never thought it this way. Both the old man and his son were fucking my girlfriend like a slut and here I was jerking for that. Anil was pulling the rope harder as he increased his speed.

I went to Vinita and ripped off her top and bra in one go. Now her boobs were jiggling with the strokes the father-son duo were giving. The old man caught hold of her boobs and squeezed them while fucking her mouth. It seemed that at one point Vinita was also loving the fuck session.

She must have cummed at least twice till now. I resumed my jerking and heard the old man shouting, “I am cumming, take my cum, bitch, drink it.” One last time he pushed his dick in Vinita’s mouth and released all his cum.

Vinita’s face bulged with all the cum coming from the old man’s cock and she couldn’t take it all. Some of it spilled out. She drank whatever was left in her mouth when he removed his cock. There Anil was plowing her pussy and the hut was full if the thumping sounds.

Anil-“Yes, bitch, how is my dad’s cum? Did you like it?”
Vinita-“Yes, I loved your dad’s cum, Anil. It tasted yummy. Now give me your cum fill my ass with your cum pull the rope harder.”

With that, Anil pulled the rope much harder rammed into her ass, and released his load into her ass. The cum flowed from her ass onto her legs. She was looking like a sex goddess with all the cum in her ass and mouth. She looked at me and smiled.

Vinita-” I liked it, Amit. That was the most amazing thing I had. Sorry for shouting at you.”

I was jerking faster to finish.

Vinita-“Let me help you finish.”

Saying this she bent over my dick and took it in her mouth. With about two minutes of sucking, I released my cum in her mouth. She drank it all and kissed me. The old man was so enthusiastic that he kneeled behind Vinita and began sucking her ass and pussy. She was moaning in my mouth.

I asked the old man to stop and asked Anil to bring some cloth to lay on the floor and lay on his back.

Me-“Go, baby, sit on his dick, and ride him crazy.”

But Anil’s dick was not hard yet so Vinita bent over his dick and started sucking it. The old man couldn’t hold up so he started fucking her pussy from the back. When Anil’s dick came back to life I stopped the old man and guided Vinita over Anil’s cock.

She easily took Anil’s dick in her pussy and began riding him in cowgirl. I made her bend forward a little and asked the old man to put his dick in her ass. She was already moaning heavily and when the old man’s dick entered her ass she screamed with pain and pleasure.

She was enjoying it to the core. Both the men increased their speed and fucked her brains out. I was stroking my cock furiously and making rounds around them seeing their fucking in all angles. I went to Vinita’s face and guided her to take my cock.

She readily took it in and sucked while getting banged by the father and son. Now it has become a foursome. But then again after some time I left her and started my jerking. I loved seeing her getting fucked more than I liked to fuck her myself.

I told Anil and his father not to cum in her when they reached their orgasm but to spray on her body. After 10 minutes of awesome fuck, Vinita got away from them and lied down on the floor. All three of us surrounded her and stroked our dicks fastly as we reached our orgasms.

We all erupted in our juices on Vinita’s sexy body. She was looking like a real slut with all the cum on her face, neck, boobs, stomach, pussy, and thighs. She spread the cum and rubbed it on her body. She got up and kissed all the three of us passionately and then we had a combined bath in a small tank in the fields.

We played in the water for some time and enjoyed our bath in the open. There were no other people in the vicinity. We got dressed and left the hut to pick up our car. We were supposed to return in 2 hours. But it was 4 hours so we had to return to our homes instead of continuing our journey.

At last, I got to fulfill my fantasy of cuckold and threesome. I was very happy as Vinita also enjoyed it without any problem. After that, we had so many such adventures like threesome foursome and even swinging.

Ok, guys, that was a story of a cuckold boyfriend who wanted to see his girl fucked by other people.

Till now I have got a great response but also some creeps asking for photos and details of girls. Guys, I don’t share anything. If you want to ask such things then don’t message me.

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