Hot intern girl ready and willing for hot action – Office sex story

Hot intern girl ready and willing for hot action – Office sex story

Hello all, my name is Rahul and I belong to Delhi. I work as a manager in one of the MNC’s and this story is with one of my interns. I will not take much of your time and will directly come to the story.

The main character of this story is Shravya. She joined our firm in November 2020 as an intern in the sales department. She was gorgeous looking. Imagine Yami Gautam, the actress. She looked very similar to her.

Shravya belonged to Aligarh and was a girl whose confidence was amazing. She used to carry her swag with effortless ease, and that was her USP. Just because, we all had joined the office, just after the lockdown, there was insane energy in the office all the time.

I used to be very busy handling my team of 6 people, and then we had this one intern extra in my team. She got this training with some jack from the top management.

Now, coming back to the story. Initially, I was not having any wrong intentions with her, but slowly she started to come near me and used to discuss the nature of the work. She used to ask me how I reached up to this level (you know how interns are: very curious about the job guarantee, salary, etc).

I always thought that she is known to someone in top management and thus, I will have to be nice to her. Otherwise, who knows, if she makes any complaint about me, haha.

So, I started to guide her, and slowly I felt that she was really very intelligent. One day when I was late to complete some work, she insisted that she will help me out.

She: Sir, shall I help you with your work. Don’t worry, I won’t be late going back to my PG. I don’t have any work there.

Me: I think in an internship, you must enjoy your days and don’t take these workloads.

She: Sir, this is also a part of my enjoyment. I am here to show you, how good I am at carrying out the hard work.

And trust me, that was the line that ignited the fire within me. The gorgeous intern helped me that day and then we were able to complete the work at 8 pm. But her energy, her amazingly sexy voice was now irresistible to me.

(Guys, just close your eyes and think. You are with a girl who is new to you. She is all open to talking things to you. Her voice reaches your ear and her aroma is what you feel all the time. Aisa nahi lagega, jaise you want to grab her and lick her totally, and then insert your hard tool in her warm juicy fresh flesh?!)

Slowly, I developed wild feelings for my hot intern girl and then started to fantasize about her.

One day in the night I was very turned on and I was holding my dick in my hand. At that time, I decided to text Shravya and to see to which level Shravya was a wild girl. It was around 11.30 when I texted her.

Me: Hello, Shravya.

Almost immediately, I got her text. Even at that time, she was online and I thought maybe she was having chats with her close friends or her BF. I was not sure.

She: Hey, hi sir, so late?

Me (with my left hand grabbing myhard dick): Yeah Shravya, just thought I would text you. Hope I didn’t disturb you.

She: Arre Sir, please chill. I don’t go to bed so early and thanks that you texted.

(I was totally enlightened by her text and now was getting some encouragement to open up myself.

She: So, sir, tell me. Are you alright? Do you need to talk about anything to me?

Me: Oh, nothing as such. But can I ask you something?

She: Yes sir, please go on. Don’t worry about asking any questions.

Me: Can we chat like on personal things and not professionally?

She: Sir, tell me, what happened to you? Are you okay?

Me: Yeah..yeah, just felt like you will understand my feelings if I am texting you at 11.30 in the night.

She: Sir, no issues. Please don’t think too much and let’s talk. Oh, by the way, please give me a few minutes. I was talking to one of my friends. I will ask him to sleep and then I am coming to you.

(Oh God, can’t tell you, how I was feeling at that moment. I was jerking slowly and slowly!)

After 10 minutes, she texted.

She: Sir, are you there?

Me: Yes Shravya, thanks for coming.

She: Sir, now please tell me. Are you feeling like you wanna chat about something?

(My hands were shaking, but I thought that Shravya can be controlled easily).

Me: Shravya, what if I ask you that I want to go beyond my limit and guess, you will understand my feelings.

She: Yeah sir, I will. And trust me. It’s always amazing to share those hidden feelings at night when two random, close matured teenagers just interact.

She: Isliye, jo bhi karni hai baat, aaj kar lo. Forget that I am your intern, and just go on without thinking about it even for a second.

And then we discussed our fantasies and about our ex-friends.

She: Sir, by the way, what’s your view about one-night stands? Sorry, if I asked you anything wrong.

Me: Are you sure? Do you want to know my feelings?

She: Of course sir, I would love to know.

Me: One-night stands for me are the most sensual things ever. There the main thing both the boy and girl, need is the ultimate pleasure of sex. It’s only sex and sex.

She: Oh sir, the way you described it is awesome. Sir, ab kya karoon pyaas kam karne ke liye? (Sir, what should I do to satisfy my thirst?) You have raised it a lot. I think I will have to call my ex-bf.

Once I heard this, I asked her, “If you don’t mind can something as this happen..” and then I was silent.

She (after some silence): No sir, it will not be right. Chalo, let’s sleep now.

And, the hot intern girl put down the phone. I was shocked and I wondered if I had crossed any limits or maybe it was too extreme. Anyway, then I also slept that day.

The next day in the office, she was looking at me from a different angle. I was also able to sense, something was there. The same day, I had to visit a client, and it was around 4 hours drive. I thought it was the right moment to take Shravya with me, and maybe we both may end up having sex. So, I called her.

Me: Shravya, please come here.

She (with her eyes on me): Yes sir, what happened?

Me: Shravya, we have a client meeting tomorrow and I want you to come with me. Will it be okay?

She (started to blush): Umm.. okay sir, let’s go then.

And then we both started the ride. During the ride, I kept my hands on her legs slowly to check what she thinks. I saw that she had closed her eyes, and held my hands tightly.

My beautiful intern girl said to me, “If you will start now, then what will you do the whole night?”

I was totally mad then and was thinking, how I will open this intern girl’s pussy and asshole all night. But I controlled my feelings and then we reached the hotel. We booked two rooms, but on the same floor. Her room was next to mine.

Due to COVID, there were not many people in the hotel. It seemed to be the perfect hotel to make my hot intern girl Shravya wild on the bed during the whole night.

Then, it was around 11 in the night when I knocked on the door of her room. She opened the door and was blushing. “Sir, please come in,” and then she closed the door.

The moment she closed the door, I grabbed her from the back and started to caress her ass slowly! She was wearing a mini skirt. My hands easily reached her panty and I slowly entered my hand there, without asking her consent.

And she shouted wildly, “Oh, sirrrrrrr…”

To be continued.


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