My First Sex With My Big Boobed Neighbor Was Just Amazing!

My First Sex With My Big Boobed Neighbor Was Just Amazing!

I am a boy currently 24 living in NYC. I had my first sex with my neighbor when I was 21. She was 3 years older than me (27 now). She was 24 at that time, and we were friends since childhood. We have played together, celebrated birthdays, watched movies together.

I had a huge lust for her body. She is 5′3 tall, and I am 5′5. I use to stare at her boobs, ass, and my 7 inches would get hard. She got to know that I stare at her boobs. She used to adjust them just for me to get a better view. But had no intention of sex with me because she had a boyfriend at that time.

By the way, she was my best friend since childhood. She knows all my secrets, and I know hers as well. I use to ask her doubts about sex because I had a girlfriend too, and I wanted to see my girlfriend naked. I asked my neighbor to give some tips to impress a girl.

She gave me, and  I tried it on my girlfriend. But didn’t get sex from her. Only I was allowed to tease her boobs and kiss them. I told this to my neighbor, and she told me to wait for the right time. Even she has regular sex with her boyfriend.

Days passed, we didn’t have time to talk. One day when I opened my door, she was leaving somewhere with her packed luggage. I asked, “Hey, where are you going?”

Her: I am going to Florida with my boyfriend.

Me: That’s awesome, man. You’re so lucky, dude.

Her: Haha, please don’t tell anyone. My mom thinks I am going to Florida to meet my cousin.

Me: Okay! I guess you will have a lot of fun and dirty time out there

She blushed and waved me goodbye.

A day later, I heard my door was banging. It was Sunday. Fortunately, there was no one in my house because both of my parents were out of town. I opened the door, and there was my neighbor with sweat all over her muscular body and luggage in her hand. She asked, “Can I come inside?”

Me: What happened?

Her: Can I come inside?

Me: Dude, have you ever asked before?

She came inside, and I gave her some juice. And she started crying.

Me: Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?

Her: I hate people.

Me: What why?

Her: I have been cheated, dude! It turns out that my boyfriend is gay. He betrayed me when he was out there screwing men.

We talked, and she was very upset. I gave her some food, and she thanked me and gave me a hug. I asked her, “Do you want to go home, or you want to sleep here?” She said, “I am comfortable here. Do you want me to go?”

Me: No, not at all. It’s your house too, dude!

Her: Can you sit beside me for a moment?

Me: Sure!

Her: How are things with you and your girlfriend?

Me: Good, but still no sex yet! Haha.

Her: You are an ass!

She was kept her head on my shoulder. I tried to pat her head softly. I gave her some head massage, and she felt really good. I stopped, and she said, “Please, can you do it more?”

Me: Sure!

After some time, she stopped me and held my hands. And tucked them behind her back and pulled me on her. And she gave me a kiss on my lips! I was shocked but didn’t resist. We were continuously kissing for 10 minutes, and then she stood up.

She sat on my lap, facing me and took my right hand and placed it on her right boob. I got the hint, and I kept my left hand on her left boob. I pressed them gently, and she whispered, “How are they?” I said, “They are firm and soft.”

“Would you like to have a look at them?” she asked.  I paused for a second. “Don’t think too much, dude! I know you use to stare at my boobs and my ass,” she said. Believe me, she is hot and sexy like a pornstar.

I slipped my hands under her t-shirt, and I felt her chest. The skin was soft, a bit warm, and a little bit sweaty. But I loved her sweat. Her body seemed so womanly that it would give both men and women the horniness. After feeling them, I started to pull her t-shirt.

She smiled and said, “You’re quite a man now!” I removed her t-shirt, and she was in her blue bra. I can see her boobs in front of my face. They were so big, bouncy and juicy. I slipped hands inside her bra, and then she itself unhooked it. The bra fell down on my couch, and she was topless.

Her boobs bounced as she moved. My dick started paining. I wanted her to remove that, but I instead focused on her boobs. My own girlfriend’s boobs were small. I pressed them, sucked them, licked them, pinched them.

She moaned and said. “How the hell your girlfriend doesn’t have sex with you. You are best in giving whatever a girl needs.” She started moving her fingers on my crotch, and she felt my dick was rock hard. She said, “Nice, it looks like someone is excited!”

She slipped her hands under my pants while I played with her boobs. And as she touched my dick, I moaned. “Wow, you are big dude. Bigger and thicker than my boyfriend,” said she.

“I know, I’m a 7 (blushing).” My dick started to pump blood as she began stroking it, and I was in the 9th cloud. She told me to get up, so I got up, and she immediately pulled my pants down.

As I was home alone, I didn’t wear any underpants. My dick popped up in front of her face, and she stroked it hard! She gave me a blow job, and I was feeling her wet mouth in my dick. It felt so good! “How the hell are you still a virgin with this dick dude?” she said as she was giving me the fellatio of a lifetime.

I then started touching her pussy from her jeans, and she moaned. I saw the area was a bit wet and I got excited after seeing that. My dick was in her mouth, and I tried to slip my hands in her pussy. She stopped sucking and told me, “I am all yours now.”

I went and unbuttoned her pants. I saw her pink panty, and I realized that she was wearing a bikini for her boyfriend in Florida. I removed the wet panty and saw her pinkish pussy. It was wet, slimy and it smelt really good. I gotta respect her for hygiene. I spread it with my finger, and she moaned.

I put the tip of my tongue on her pussy lips and licked it like ice cream. She was on her cloud 9, and I was feeling like heaven. At this moment, we both were naked. She pulled me upwards after 10 minutes of pussylicking and kissed me hard. My dick was moving on her pussy, and she told me to insert it inside her.

I asked, “Will this be okay?” She said, “Do it, idiot, I have pills don’t worry. I will not get pregnant.” I felt her soft pussy on my dick and inserted inside her. It was soo soft from inside. I stroked her for 5 to 10 minutes while she moaned. She was screaming.

I kept my fingers inside her mouth. I can’t risk if anyone hears it from the corridor. She licked my finger, and after a few minutes, I said, “I am cumming.” She said, “Pull it out.” She immediately changed her position, and her face was under my dick. She was giving me a handjob, and she licked my dick. I cum all over her face, and she loved it.

She said, “would you like to take this to my ass?” I said, “If it is okay for you. I don’t have any problem.” She went to her bag and took out some lotion and went inside my bedroom. She said to come in.  I went in, and she was holding my dick and applying that lotion.

It was a lubricant, and it was oily and slimy. It felt weird on my dick, but I had no other option. She gave two-three strokes and made a doggy position. She said, “Fuck my booty, baby, fuck, you little pervert.”

I jumped on her ass, and I began to insert my dick in her ass. It was tight, but I applied some force, and it slipped inside. She screamed, and I bent and gave her some strokes. I was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

She moaned, “Fuck me! You are so good. More, More, More!” I lasted for almost 20 good minutes until I cummed inside her ass.

She felt soo good. I removed my dick, and my cum was dripping from her ass. I licked it. I don’t know why I felt it, but I loved licking my cum on her butthole. We were tired and slept for 1 hour while cuddling, and then we woke up.

She asked me, “Can we have a bath together?”

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