Sensual oil massage at home turns into seduction – Sexy story

Sensual oil massage at home turns into seduction – Sexy story

Hi readers! I am Jenny. This is my first story. Please forgive me for any mistakes.

I am a regular woman with 38-30-36 stats. I am chubby not skinny.

I have recently been transferred to Hyderabad from Bangalore. For the last few weeks, I have been very busy with the packing and house shifting and again unpacking in my new apartment. The cleaning and decorating my 2 BHK flat had left me exhausted and sore.

I was lying in my bedroom and binge watching a Korean drama. In between, there were advertisements about spa at home. The idea of having a good massage from the comfort of my own home sounded good to me.

I immediately booked a massage for myself at 8 pm. I got ready, took a bath, and put on my nightdress (knee-length long) and a sleeveless tee. I live on the 20th floor. There was an unobstructed view with glass doors for the balcony. As there were no buildings, I didn’t cover up the view with curtains.

I have had massages before with female professionals so I knew the routine.

At 7.55 pm, my doorbell rang.

I went and opened the door and was shocked to see a handsome young man standing by my door. He was equally shocked too. He timidly came in and introduced himself to me.

Masseur: Hi ma’am, good evening! I am Alan. I have a massage booking.

Me: Hi, um don’t mind me asking. Is there any option of getting a female for my massage therapy?

He was awkwardly staring at my attire up and down. Confused, he opened his phone and told me I had made the wrong booking.

He tried to explain it to me holding his massage bed and other equipment. I realized I was being very rude. I told him to put down this equipment and I showed him towards the sofa. He sat down and explained to me that I had booked the massage service for men instead of women. That was the reason why a male professional was assigned to me.

I realized that the mistake was from my side. I apologized to him.

I started to see if I can cancel the booking and get a new one. However, I was not having an option to do so. I had already paid the amount 2k and it was mentioned that it was non-refundable.

Meanwhile, the masseur Alan kept checking me out. He suggested that if I had no issues, he can do my massage and he even showed his ratings and reviews to support his claims.

Since I cannot get back the money, I didn’t have any other option rather than losing the money or getting a massage from him. My sore muscles pleaded with me to say “yes” and get the massage done because either way, the money spent was gone.

So I agreed to get a massage by Alan after carefully reading through all his reviews and evaluating all the risks involved.

Alan started to set up his bed in my bedroom. He turned on the ac and started playing a sensual calming track on his phone. He asked me to wear a towel and remove all the clothes. I was rather apprehensive.

He understood my struggle. He asked if I would be comfortable if the lights were off. However, I was still not sure I can lie in front of a stranger in just a towel.

He said I can trust him and handed me a towel which was a disposable one. He switched off the light and went out of the room. I slowly started taking off my clothes one by one while debating if it was ok.

The masseur then knocked on the door softly and asked if he can come in. I finished getting into the towel. It had elastic on the top and covered just from my boobs to my ass. I did not take off my undergarments. I could feel the chilly air on my body. I slowly opened the door.

There was only one small tea-light flickering in the room and moonlight from the night sky. I avoided looking at Alan at all costs.

He came in and asked me to get on to the bed and lie down on my stomach. He asked me if it was ok if he started with my feet. I was glad that he said feet.

He brought a tray with different oils and asked me to pick an oil. I was so confused and shy to get up. I was afraid of exposing my cleavage to him and giving him a wrong signal.

He said that there was nothing to worry. He said that he will do whatever was best. He then took some oil, heated it, and started pouring it strategically on my legs. He took each foot and started working his magic with his fingers. The pressure was great and everything was good.

I started to relax slowly. The male massager massaged my feet and ankles for about 15 minutes. Then he started to pour some more oil onto my thighs. He started from above the ankles and worked his way up till my thighs.

He slowly parted my thighs and started working on the inner thighs. As soon as his hand started massaging my inner thighs, I shut my legs closer. Only after closing my legs, I realized his hands were still in between my legs. I apologized and he said that it was natural. He asked me to close my eyes and relax.

Alan started making slow circles on my inner thighs with upward strokes till my ass and pussy. A feeling started to rise in me. It was as if I wanted the masseur to touch my ass and pussy! It felt like he was playing me by bringing his fingers near to my panty and make a U-turn into the inner thighs.

After some strokes, he accidentally brushed his fingers against my pussy lips through my underwear! A light moan escaped from my mouth. He calmed me down saying it was natural to moan during a massage.

He slowly came towards my head and put away all my hair into a neat bun. He lowered the elastic band and saw my bra. He slowly moved the elastic band till the band of my panty. Slowly, he unhooked my bra. My heart started pounding faster.

The masseur moved the cloth out of the way, poured some warm oil, and started the massage slowly against my spine till its end. While bending down, his upper body started to touch my head. I could feel his aroma as he was so close. It was intoxicating combined with the slow circles he was making along my spine stopping at my tail bone.

I started to get excited as he started sensually pressing my waist while messaging my inner thighs. He was slowly dragging his finger outlining my pussy lips through the wet panty. I could not bear the pleasure rippling through my entire body as he slowly dragged his finger. I could feel my pussy oozing with juices.

The massage guy re-adjusted the elastic band of the towel. Now he moved it slightly up, exposing my ass. He traced a line onto the elastic band. I was so turned on but I still was not sure how to advance.

Alan said, “Ma’am, you booked a sensual massage and it would require a lot of oil. I see that your bra and panty might get oil stains. So I am going to take them off.”

I knew Alan had already been planning something. But I was too turned on to stop him. Before I could say anything, he swiftly pulled down my underwear. I closed my legs and could feel my juices all over my pussy.

He came up asked me to lie on my back. As I turned, he stopped and pulled out my bra from the elastic band. I was lying stark naked in front of a stranger on the massage bed. Strangely, I wanted to play along with his drama.

The masseur stood at my head and started working on my neck and shoulders. Due to the cold air from the ac, my nipples had already woken up and was searching for warm comfort.

He started working from the center of the chest. He slowly moved the elastic band one inch down, exposing my upper boobs. He poured some warm oil on my nipples on top of the towel. My nipples reacted immediately and the oil made the flimsy towel transparent. He could clearly see my boobs now.

He started to slowly push his fingers into the elastic band. I put my hands to stop his advancement. He gently came to my side and said that this was a free add-on in my sensual massage session and is newly added in the app.

I liked the way he was trying to make up a story. I started to play along.

He first moved the towel to barely cover my erected nipples. Then he started massaging them. My nipples started to grow harder and wriggled out of the elastic.

As I put my hands to cover, he said, “No ma’am. Let me help you.”

He bent over, took one nipple into his mouth, and said, “I will cover this one” and started sucking it like a baby trying to drink milk! I was still trying to hold on to the act but I could barely do so. My hand automatically moved to my other nipple and pussy. A moan escaped my mouth as he sucked nipple so hard.

The masseur held both my arms above my head. He got on to the bed and started licking and sucking both my nipples madly. He said, “Ma’am, you are so sexy like this.”

I couldn’t help but blush.

To be continued.

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