Young guy fucks lonely south Indian neighbour aunty – Sex story

Young guy fucks lonely south Indian neighbour aunty – Sex story

Hi, this is an incident with my next-door neighbour Sandhya (real name changed) who was a lonely south Indian lady in her late 40s (maybe around 47-48 years).

I was staying alone in my rented flat on the top floor and the lady I am mentioning in this incident used to stay next door with her college-going son while her husband was working abroad. I later learned from the outsiders that he has not visited his family for a long time.

Let me describe the south Indian aunty Sandhya. She had very graceful looks and a great voluptuous body (vital stats 40-36-42) and a height of around 5′ 4″ with a dark brown complexion and long black hair.

We used to chat whenever we met in the corridor and I used to ask her about her well-being. She also asked me how I manage things all alone and if anything is required, then I should not hesitate to ask her for any help.

This incident happened when one day I was doing my morning workout at home and around 7:30 am. I heard someone ringing my doorbell in urgency. I was only wearing my exercise shorts and I was bare on top.

I looked through the peephole to see who it was before opening the door. When I saw Sandhya at the door through the peephole, I decided to open the door since she had seen me in that state when I used to relax sometimes late night on my balcony adjacent to her balcony.

When I opened the door, she said, “Sorry to disturb you but there is an issue with the gas cylinder. Since my son has gone to college and you are my only next-door neighbor, I need your help to check it”.

She said that after changing the empty gas cylinder with the spare one she had, she sensed something was wrong as it was emitting gas smell and felt that the regulator had not fitted properly, and she needed my help to check it. I said yes to her and locked my flat and kept my flat keys in her living room.

As we reached the kitchen, we both checked the cylinder valve and regulator if it was fitted properly.

As my south Indian neighbour bent down to check, I saw through the top of her sky blue cotton nightgown and got a beautiful view of her massive breasts as she was not wearing a bra! Her areolas were big and dark with her nipples protruding. I also saw her beautiful belly and a black pantie on her waistline.

I got an instant hard-on and the tip of my dick was popping out of my shorts since there was an opening in my shorts at the crotch area with only a button at the opening. However, I felt Sandhya was oblivious to it as she was busy removing and affixing the regulator to see if it was fitting properly.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and she said that her maid servant must have come. I thought to myself what an embarrassment it would be for me and her as I was only in my shorts and bare-chested on top.

But fortunately, my south Indian neighbour told the maid servant to come in the afternoon as there were no utensils to clean since she could not cook anything because of the cylinder issue. I heaved a sigh of relief when I overheard their conversation and decided to quickly fix the issue and leave.

Since I was tired of standing, I decided to squat down on my ankles and spread my thighs around the cylinder to check the issue. I didn’t realize when Sandhya came and was standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

I looked at her and she was somewhat hesitant to come close to the cylinder to check. I realized that she has seen the tip of my dick as it had popped out when I spread my thighs around the cylinder!

I stood up immediately and told her that we need to call the serviceman to check the issue, but it may take a day or two to get the issue resolved. I told her she can use my gas burner for cooking until then.

Sandhya told me that there was another regulator on the top shelf of the storehouse and if I can help her find that regulator and fix on this cylinder, it would be of great help.

I asked her if my married neighbour had a stool or ladder. She brought the ladder from her bedroom and she volunteered to hold the ladder while I climbed up. I got the spare regulator and stepped down the ladder. I told her that I will check if the spare regulator was working and we removed the previous regulator.

As we fixed the spare regulator, she again bent down and I got a good view of her massive boobs and belly from the top opening of her gown. But I could not see her black pantie on her waist.

I presumed she must have removed her pantie when she went to the bedroom to bring the ladder. My hormones were raging now but I had to control and help her fix the issue.

We fixed the spare regulator and the gas burner started working. I told her to lodge a complaint for the existing regulator. She thanked me and told me to wait as she offered to make a cup of tea for me and herself. She told me to keep the ladder back in the bedroom while she prepared tea for both of us.

I went to her bedroom and kept the ladder aside in one corner. As I was about to leave the bedroom, I saw a blue bra and black pantie at the top in the laundry bag lying at the entrance corner of her bedroom.

I picked her bra and her pantie that was having her precum (maybe she got wet by seeing my bulge) and starting sniffing.

I kept her bra back in the laundry bag but put her black pantie in my shorts and pressed it against my dick sitting on the bed. Just then I heard her coming close to the bedroom because of the anklets she wore. I removed her pantie from my shorts and kept it in the laundry bag.

Sandhya walked in and offered me the tea. I took the tea and she also sat on the bed next to me with her teacup.

However, as her eyes went on the laundry bag she realized that her black pantie was in a crushed state with more precum on it since I rubbed her pantie on my dick! I read her thoughts and we both looked at each other in a perplexed manner as my face fell. However, she didn’t say anything.

I decided to leave and kept the teacup on the bedside table and told her that I needed to leave.

At that moment, she softly said, “Sit, I want to talk to you”. I had no guts to face her. But she continued talking to me and softly and said, “Sit and enjoy the tea. I also want to talk to you.”

“I saw you rubbing my black pantie inside your shorts through the reflection of the bedroom mirror which you neither noticed nor realized.”

Me: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I should have controlled myself.

Sandhya: That’s fine. I understand that you live alone and have sexual desires, and seeing my bra and pantie, you could not control.

Me: I am sorry for doing this act using your pantie.

Sandhya: It’s okay. I understand that many men have raging sexual desires and some tend to take advantage of a single woman and single mother. Even though I have not told anyone that my husband has left me 5 years ago due to our differences, I am aware that some people only know that he doesn’t visit us very often.

Me: Then why do you trust me so much and tell me the truth about your life which no one knows.

Sandhya: I found you trustworthy when we met and spoke. You asked about my well being. I work from home as an HR consultant to support myself and my son.

Me: But I broke your trust.

Sandhya: No, you didn’t. I understand that your sexual desires drove you to do that.

Me: Don’t you desire for sex? I am sorry if the question offended you.

Sandhya (lowering her eyes): No, it’s fine. I am a woman who desires an emotional touch, which I have not experienced since the last 5 years.

Me: (getting close to her, clasping her hand in my hand) I am there for you whenever you need me and want to talk to me.

Sandhya: Thanks for giving me the emotional touch and support.

The south Indian aunty looked at me and smiled as I saw her eyes become moist. I stood up in front of her while she was sitting on the bed.

I kissed her forehead and hugged her very tightly while she held my elbows. While hugging, my dick was pressing against her breasts and it had become hard but she didn’t say anything and I continued hugging her.

Sandhya then said softly: I am there for you whenever you need me to satisfy you and I know you desire me.

Me (a bit afraid): I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

Sandhya: I saw the bulge in your shorts when changing the regulator and I understood that you were checking my body through my gown. To clear my doubts, I had purposely removed my pantie and kept in the laundry bag when I went to get the ladder. Then I told you to keep the ladder in my bedroom so that I could see your reaction after seeing my bra and pantie.

I was dumbfounded and stood still. Sandhya knew I was hesitant but she also knew I liked her.

Sandhya: You can do whatever you want to do with me to satisfy your sexual desires.

Me: Why would you allow me to do so?

Sandhya: You have given me emotional support which I longed for and I trust you for that. Your hug was comforting. I also know you have strong desires and I want to satisfy your sexual desires.

I was standing still, but she got up from the bed. She removed her gown as I looked at her naked body! She then lay her naked body on the bed with her eyes closed. She softly said. “I am the submissive one and I am all yours, so you can do anything you want except anal.”

I went on top of her and started kissing my married neighbour’s lips and face. Then I kissed her big south Indian boobs and started sucking her areolas and nipples. Sandhya let out a soft moan.

I kissed her soft belly which had some amount of fat and moved my lips towards her vagina. She had a luscious pink shaven pussy which I licked madly. Then I kissed her thighs and spread her legs. All the time, her eyes were closed and she just held my head while I kissed her naked body.

I could not resist the sight of the lovely pussy and asked her if I can enter her and she nodded her head with her eyes still closed. Sandhya was really the submissive woman as I took control of her legs and entered her in the missionary position.

I started pumping my neighbour aunty’s pussy as she let out soft moans with her eyes still closed. She allowed me to fuck her to my satisfaction.

Then I asked her hesitantly and softly, “Can I kiss your buttocks? I also want to rub my dick in your ass crack as I like your big ass. I will not enter in.”

With her eyes still closed, she turned over without saying anything and that was a signal for me to go ahead. I starting kissing her ass cheeks.

Then I laid on her back and started pressing my dick against her ass cheeks and her ass crack, simultaneously cupping her huge tits and squeezing her them. I climaxed as I did it and all my semen was on her ass. Then I lay exhausted on her back.

Sandhya: Did I satisfy you?

Me: Yes. Very much.

Sandhya got up and at last, opened her eyes. She took me to her bathroom and we washed ourselves. I told her that I have to leave. She told me to message once I am back home in the evening from work and not to prepare any dinner for myself.

That evening, I messaged her after reaching home. She rang my doorbell and I welcomed her in my living room. She shared with me delicious biryani which she had prepared. I flirted and told her, “The aroma of the biryani is mind-blowing, but you are more delicious than the biryani”. She just smiled.

I held her hand and hugged her in my living room which she didn’t resist. I thanked her for the biryani. She said, “Thank you for the hug, it really means to me a lot and I will cherish it.”

I would also like to narrate my other incidents with my graceful and submissive neighbour lady Sandhya, but that’s for next time.

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